Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pull Out The Polish.....Summer Conference Season Is Coming!

“If it means interfering in an ensconced, outdated system, to help just one student…I’m willing to accept the consequences.” -Wonder Woman

Inevitably, during educational technology conference season, presenters are barraged with attendees who have pinned on their Negative Nancy buttons just for such occasions.  It’s not that these educators want to be negative, rather, it’s  more an expression of the frustration of attending these conferences can bring boiling to the surface. 

Educators attending technology conferences want to learn.  They want to be innovative.  They want to meet their students where they are.  They understand the digital natives in their classrooms and want to use the tools familiar to them. 
Attending technology conferences often irritates pus filled war wounds sustained through countless battles with principals, technology directors, and superintendents, especially with regards to social media. Both sides shout their battle cry of justification: “It’s Best For The Children”!
In anticipation of this seasonal phenomenon, I spent Spring Break polishing my Amazonium bracelets, ready to deflect the understandably negative assault issued forth from exasperated educators.  I share top secret intel and key strategies of engagement from where I have been and where I am currently entrenched in this Social Media War.
·         Document success in other schools
o   Trussville City Schools, Alabama has unblocked all social media sites and included liability in their Student Code of Conduct (see pgs. 24-26)
o   Search blogs and professional journals for supporting articles
·         Get teacher buy-in for a strong united voice
·         Try the “just one” approach
o   Get approval for one teacher to use one social media tool with one class for one project
I leave you with these words:

” A new journey to be started.
A new promise to be fulfilled.
A social media to be opened.
Go forth unto this waiting world with computer in hand,
all you educators,
the open Internet awaits.
Be creative.
Be adventurous.
Be original.
And above all else, be knowledgeable.
For knowledge is your greatest weapon,
your greatest tool.
Use it wisely.”

~Wonder Woman

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