Sunday, August 7, 2011

Alabama Ed Tech PD YouTube Channel: New Videos Posted!

There is nothing quite as exciting as a shout out from someone as prominent as Shelly Terrell! I feel like Wayne & Garth! 

So what exactly is the Alabama Ed Tech PD YouTube Channel? What is it's purpose and why should I care?  

The purpose of the Alabama Ed Tech PD YouTube Channel is to provide Professional Development sessions that are presented in individual schools or district in Alabama to ALL educators in Alabama.  There are so many extraordinary professional development sessions going on through out the state of Alabama and only a few educators ever benefit from the knowledge being shared.  

Why can't an educator just publish their PowerPoint, SlideShare or Prezi? 

In the past I have posted my PowerPoints and Prezis to this blog.  I have also looked at SlideShares from other educators that have been shared via RSS  feed or Twitter.  There always seemed to be something missing and often times the slides contained pictures with very few words (which is best practice). Therefore I missed much of what the original presenter wished to convey in the PD session.  The truth is, a PD session without the "voice" of the presenter is just a bunch of pictures...a skeleton.  The heart and soul of a presentation is what the presenter brings to the PPT, SlideShare or Prezi.  The Alabama Ed Tech PD Channel provides educators the opportunity to go back and "flesh out" their presentation so that other educators can fully benefit from their expertise. 

Two new PD session have just been uploaded to the Alabama Ed Tech PD Channel:

Even if you are not an Alabama educator please consider submitting to our channel & pass this message along to your colleagues.

ATTENTION: All top educators who have presented Professional Development sessions at their school, district, state, professional organization, or via web. We want YOU!

Below is the letter we sent out to a few select Alabama educators to announce the unveiling of our new Alabama Educational Technology Professional Development YouTube Channel.

We welcome guest video submissions from educators outside of Alabama as well.  Please help spread the word to friends and colleagues as we venture forth to do our part in providing quality PD for all educators in an easy to use format.


Congratulations on being recognized as a top educational leader in Alabama.  Your contributions to the 2011 Alabama Educational Technology Conference provided valuable information to Alabama educators.  But what about those educators who were unable to attend your session?

This is the question Derrick Waddell (Cullman County Schools) and I (Nikki Robertson, Auburn High School) asked ourselves following the sessions we presented at AETC.  We discussed how sessions like those at AETC and other forms of Professional Development sessions that take place all year long throughout the state in individual schools could be captured so that educators throughout the state, country and world can benefit.

Our solution: The development of a YouTube Channel where Professional Development sessions by and for Alabama Educators can be uploaded and accessed.

As a top educational leader and presenter in Alabama Derrick and I  welcome you to be among the first educators to contribute to this valuable Professional Development resource.  Here is what you will need to do:

1.  Download free screen capture software to your computer.
    (Jing ( or Camstudio (

2.  Using your PowerPoint, SlideShare, Prezi, etc. record yourself as if you were presenting to
    an audience. This is so important because just providing the slides without presenter input
    only provides half the pertinent information of your professional development session.

3.  Compose a new email to

4.  Put the title of the video in the subject line.

5.  Put the description of the video in the message area. (Be sure to delete any signatures or    
    extra text).

6.  Attach the video in a valid format.

We are very excited about the possibilities for professional growth and enrichment this project will bring to Alabama Educators and other throughout the educational landscape. We look forward to your contributions.

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