Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tweaked Out on Twittter

Who dares to teach must never cease to learn
~ John Cotton Dana

I think that I am on the verge of being a Twitterholic....

Excuses for Tweeting:
  • I HAVE to tweet for my work!
    • This is true. In spreading the word about Twitter I must also be able to apply it to my work and professional organizations to which I belong. I mean would it look for a Twivangelist like myself to not walk the walk?  See @AHS_Now  @AHSLibraryTips  @aslatweets
    • @AHS_Now was designed as a way to keep the community informed of school announcements and upcoming school events.
    • @AHSLibraryTips was formed to cut down on the glut of teacher email and is used to distribute Moodle and other tips to faculty and staff.
    • @aslatweets (#aslachat) was created to propel my professional organization (Alabama School Library Association) into the 21st Century with the power of Twitter Chats. We discuss topics directly related to Alabama School Librarians, but many of our conversations apply to school librarians nationally and internationally.  Join the conversation on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7 pm CT/8 pm ET. Be sure to use the hashtag #aslachat
    • I'm presenting a 3 hour hands on workshop at the Georgia Educational Technology Conference November 2nd-4th in Atlanta....Now is not a good time to stop!

  • I can stop any time I want to!
    • Maybe... Except that I have set up my Twitter account (@NikkiDRobertson) to text me whenever I get a mention or DM (which goes into my texting/iPhone addictions...)
    • But not on Tuesdays at noon and 7pm ET...I can't miss #edchat!  Of course I can't ever sleep after an evening of #edchat...I'm all tweaked out on great ideas! 
    • And it would be rude not to help support my PLN that has been so gracious and helpful.
    • I don't really need to stop...think about all the links to blogs, web 2.0 tools, articles, pictures, videos I would miss out on if I were to do something as crazy as STOP TWEETING!

While being playfully tongue and check I do believe in the power of Twitter to connect teachers with others from whom they can learn and grow professionally. The energy is contagious and spreads to both teachers and students.  Twitter is an avenue to an endless source of learning and I choose to be tweaked out on knowledge as often as possible...

Be sure to check out my collaborative YouTube Channel where you can find my Alabama Educational Technology Conference presentation about Twitter and much more!

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