Monday, October 3, 2011

Library Orientation Scavenger Hunt

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
– Benjamin Franklin

Update for 2012-2013 School Year

A new school year brings updates and changes to old ideas.  Over the last school year we have added some new technologies to our school that required changes to be made to the Library Orientation Scavenger Hunt.

The purpose of hosting a Library Orientation Scavenger Hunt is to orient new students to the different areas and services the high school library offers to students.  Each clue card has students actively engaged in using each of the areas of the library instead of simply passively sitting and listening to the librarian tell students about the library or having students do a worksheet about the library.  

To motivate students to work together and do their best I start a stopwatch when the first clue card is given to the first team that follows the "getting started" instructions.  Student teams are informed ahead of time that there will be a prize (provided by their teacher) for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.  Additionally, students will be competing for a GRAND PRIZE (provided by the library) for the team out of the entire 10th grade class (we are a 10-12 school) that solved all the clue cards in the least amount of time.  

Here is a list of each clue card and what my goal with each card is:

Of course some very important aspects associated with all of the clue cards includes reading comprehension, following directions, and reading for detail.  I only give students the smallest of hints during the scavenger hunt and always redirecting them back to the clue card, encouraging to read the card more carefully. (I often use the Hot/Cold game as a hint)

Here is the link to all of my files for the Library Orientation Scavenger Hunt:

If you choose to fashion a scavenger hunt for your own school library, please let me know how it goes and what type of clue cards you created to highlight the cool stuff in your school library : )

Here is a slideshow via Flickr of some of our Book Spine Poems from this year:

Original Post

Each year I like to do a Library Orientation Scavenger Hunt for our incoming 10th graders to familiarize them with the many resources our high school library offers and to get them comfortable using these resources.  This year I was also able to add Moodle to the list of resources learned during orientation.  This allowed me not only the opportunity to teach students how to navigate Moodle, but provide teachers with a working example to follow as they learned Moodle as well.

The Library Orientation Clue Cards get students actively engaged in using the various library resources available.  Even the most jaded teenagers get into the activity and enjoy the competition with other teams.

Below is a slide show of my lesson plan, answer document and clue cards for the Scavenger Hunt. If you would like the actual files please email me and I will send them to you (

I insert the Moodle activity below into each teacher's Moodle page for our Library Orientation Scavenger Hunt.  It presents students with a Word Document, a website from which to get answers to the questions on the Word document, and a place to turn the Word document in for grading. 

I also send an invitation to the teacher to remind them of the Library Orientation. Additionally, I send invitations to school board members and administrators inviting them to join in the fun!

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