Thursday, February 2, 2012

College Signing Day in the Library=GR8 Community Relations Event!

OL - Clay Machen - South Alabama
OL - Caleb Peterson  -  North Carolina
WR - Cody Core  -  Ole Miss
LB - Mitchell Roland  - Troy
FB - Drew Snyder  -  North Alabama
WR - Daijon MacKlein  -  North Alabama
OL - McKinley Weldon  -  Valdosta State 
OL - Jeffery Bass  -  Stillman
RB - Pat'rey Hardnett  -  Iowa Western
DE - Jawad Sayegh  -  Point University
DL - Brandon Brundage - West Virginia Wesleyan
RB - Marcuc Harris - Independence (KS) JC

How do you bring traffic into your school library?

Host events like College Signing Day!  This has always been a fun way to bring students, parents, and community members into your school library.  Make sure your library displays are stellar and promote the many programs your school library offers.  This is also a great time to socialize (i.e.: network) with people who normally do not visit the school library.  Talk up your newest/best library programs to help generate buzz.  

What other ideas do you have for generating traffic to your school library?

Watch Auburn High School athletes featured on WTVM News at minutes 1:25, 2:29, & 2:42

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