Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Educational Curating with Pinterest!

Pinterest is my latest obsession!  I love that I can create visual bookmarks not only for personal interest but have adapted Pinterest to fit my professional needs as well. I also love that Pinterest allows me to easily share my great finds with all of my tweeps on Twitter!  Check out the Pinterest Boards I've made for my school: http://pinterest.com/ahslibrary/ & my personal interests boards: http://pinterest.com/ndrobertson/

Quite a few articles and blog posts have been written that explore the educational aspects of Pinterest.  I have marked them on my Diigo page to make them easier to find: http://www.diigo.com/list/nrobertson/pinterest

Just like Twitter, Pinterest allows you to interact and get great ideas form other connected people around the country.  Below are just a few dedicated parents and educators who have done a phenomenal job creating education related Pinterest Boards:

Tina Wahlert 


Sharon Matney 


Julie O’Neill

Melissa Techman 


You have to check out this board chronicling the changes made in Melissa’s library! She has done an awesome job! https://pinterest.com/mtechman/library-as-it-changes/

Julie D Ramsay 


Is there anything that is not fantastic about this teacher?!  https://pinterest.com/juliedramsay/

Kristen Robertson

Kala Butler

Nikki McCullor

Allison Drake

Who do you know that has a fantastic Pinterest Board for Education?!  Please share!


  1. Thanks so much for the mention! I am addicted to Pinterest, too. I have found so many students who are able to organize/bookmark so much better through Pinterest (and sqworl, which is more just a bookmarking tool, but in a visual way) than traditional bookmarks. And thank you for sharing links to all these other wonderful Pinners! Love!

  2. I too have a massive Pinterest addiction. It started as a personal interest, but I've recently discovered the educational benefits of Pinterest as well. I'm the Social Marketing Guru at NETC, an educational travel company that provides international travel tours for middle school & high school teachers and students. I've just opened a Pinterest account for my company as a resource for teachers and these suggestions of Pinners to follow are so helpful. If you have time, please check out our boards at: http://pinterest.com/NETCedutravel/ I just started yesterday, so there's a lot more to come. Great article!

  3. Thanks for the mention! I love curating information on Pinterest to assist all the teachers I work with in Iowa Schools!