Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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Russell County High School competed in the Annual American Legion Oratorical local contest against Central High School on Saturday, 11 February 2012  and my Cadet Battalion Commander (C/LTC Aaron Capuchino) came in 1st place and won a $500.00 scholarship. He will compete at the next level (District) for another $500.00 scholarship on this Saturday
February) at Auburn High School.   See attached pictures!

Background:  The Oratorical contest consists of students delivering a Prepared and Assigned Topic oration within a given time-frame.  The winners proceed to the next level until they reach National level while hoping to win up to an $18,000 scholarship.  I, LTC Lee E. Washington, coached all Russell County High School students who participated in the Oratorical contest for 8 years and we won first place at the local level
6 out of 8 times.  Moreover, C/LTC Capuchino competed last year in 2011 and came in 2d Place at the local level.  NOTE:  The student who won 1st Place last year was a student who attended Central High School, Phenix City, AL and he was
my church member.    I then decided to coach him at the next levels and
won 3d Place at the state level.

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