Monday, October 29, 2012

Keeping Wayward Wanderings on iPads at Bay

Here are some great tips for you to use if you are an iPad school:
(shared by Sandy Armstrong, Drake Middle School, Auburn, AL)

To keep kids in one app (or a webpage(s)) this is what you do (your IPad must be updated to IOS 6):

On IPad :
·       Click settings
·       Click General
·       Click Accessibility  (near bottom of page on right  hand side)
·       Click Guided Access (under Learning on the right hand side of the page)
·       Click On
·       Click Set Passcode
·       Type in a code
·       Type in code again
(You will not have to do that again……this is a one-time set up)

Click Home button to go to main screen

To keep a child working in one app (they can not go to a different unless you change it ):
·       Click app you want the child to work in
·       Click Home button 3 times quickly
·       Click start (in top right hand corner)

Now the child cant exit that app until you click the home button 3 times and put in the passcode.

To keep child in a website(s) (without the ability to type in other website or pick from bookmarks):
·       Click Safari
·       Open website you want the students to work in
·       In another tab, open same website again
·       Click Home button 3 times quickly
·       With your finger, draw a circle around the address bar and bookmark area (a gray area will show around it…make sure the gray area is not covering the 2 tabs of the open websites)
·       Click start (in top right hand corner)

Now your students can work on the webpage…if they click a link that takes them off of the page, then they can click a tab to take them back.

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