Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Movin' Forward with Moodle

Teachers at Auburn High School have steadily been moving forward with using Moodle as our Learning Management System.

Last week we had our first ever eLearning Day.  Students who did not need to take the PSAT were allowed to come to school late.  The trade off was they had to complete and turn in an eLearning Assignment their teachers had posted to Moodle. For some of our students and teachers this was a new experience.

Our teachers have become quite proficient in posting resources on their Moodle page and students have become adept at locating and printing out those resources. Now was the perfect opportunity to take the next step forward in using Moodle.  We held a Coffee Chat day to train teachers how to assign lessons through Moodle and set the completed work up to be turned in through Moodle.  We also announced to students through Moodle , FaceBook, Twitter and AHS Today (our morning student produced news program)  to come to the library if they needed assistance with the eLearning Day activity.

Now comes the next step in the equation...how to access and grade what was turned in. We will tackle this task tomorrow!  I'm so excited!

Here is my very plain instructions for how to find and grade assignments in Moodle if you just can't wait until the morning to learn this skill : http://bit.ly/Yk2ojl

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