Sunday, October 28, 2012

QWRTY Meets Sexy

Recently, thanks to my amazing Twitter PLN, I discovered a great new typing practice program, Typing Karaoke.  Unlike other typing practice programs with boring, monotonous text to type, Typing Karaoke let's users choose from ten chart topping hits singles, including LMFAO's Sexy and I Know It.

I immediately shared this site with two of my friends.  Ms. Sonya Hutchinson, Business Technology teacher, and Ms. Amanda Henry, Customer Sales Representative and Assistant Training Coach for new hires.

After showing Typing Karaoke to Ms. Hutchinson, she is now using it as a fun typing practice and reward activity on Fridays with her students.  The kids love it and are competing to see who can garner the most points.

Ms. Henry trains new web chat sales consultants.

Improving new hire typing skills is essential to good customer service.  In the past trainees were required to spend "down time" practicing their typing skills with traditional boring typing programs, not exactly something they looked forward to doing.  Ms. Henry now allows her trainees to practice their skills with Typing Karaoke.  Since making this move, Ms. Henry's trainees have become more productive and excited about practicing their typing skills.

If you haven't tried Typing Karaoke, give it a whirl!  You'll be typing and singing in no time!

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