Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Book Twist to the Traditional Advent Calendar

My daughter, Sasha, came up with a great twist to the traditional advent calendar this year; The 25 Books of Christmas.

My grandson, Liam (who will be two years old in January), loves to read. He will even stop watching TV to go in his room and read a book.

Sasha shops at a great thrift store in Atlanta where she found practically new books for just fifty cents each.  She wrapped the books in plain brown paper, numbered them, and placed them under the tree.  Each evening when Liam is going through his bedtime routine, Sasha tells him what number book to get from under the tree (smart way to teach numbers).  Liam gets the book, opens it and then his mommy reads it to him.  He loves doing this each night.  I was recently able to Skype with them and we read a Grover ABCs book together. It was so much fun!

My daughter, Sasha, is an amazing mother and person.  I often say that even if she weren't my daughter she would be someone I would want to know.

My daughter, Sasha

My grandson, Liam

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  1. Wow! The last time I saw Sasha she and Kristen were barely older than Liam is now... They were 4. Ok thanks Nikki-- now I feel REALLY REALLY old. But she grew into a gorgeous young woman didn't she?