Thursday, April 11, 2013

Google+ Hangouts, Flipped Class, Moodle & Innovative Teachers

It was elated when I logged into my email and found this from one of my math teachers:

Last night my geometry class’s participated in an online tutoring session that was LIVE online!  Ms. Robertson helped me set up a Google Hangout session and all the other parts that allowed students to easily participate.  What we were able to do is embed a Google Hangout (kind of like Skype) onto the moodle page.  We went live at 6:30 PM and finished at 7:30 PM.  Students went to the moodle page, opened up the video (it works though YouTube so ANY device that plays a YouTube video will play the video).  You are able to change the settings on the Hangout to show your screen rather than a webcam so I was able to work out the problems for students that way.  Students communicated with me though twitter using a unique hash tag.  I would search #ramseytransform after I finished going over a problem and take the next question.
 The feedback today from students who participated was incredible.  They made sure to ask if we were going to start doing this on a regular basis.  The better part about this is that once you are done going live, the video is saved and still on your moodle page (it works just like a DVR on your TV) so students that missed the live session can still go back and see problems worked out.  Several of the students that participated are athletes that cannot go to tutoring afterschool because of practice and competition.  This allowed them to still receive help from the teacher while not having to miss after school opportunities.
 If you are interested in more details you are welcome to ask and come see me.  I also know that Nikki was instrumental in helping me set this up and also introducing me to the idea so she would a great resource as well.      

If you happen to know of a job opening I did a crazy thing and resigned from my job.  It was time for a change and new opportunities to grow professionally.

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