The Incredibly True Adventures of a School Librarian

The Incredibly True Adventures of a School Librarian

Friday, May 3, 2013

PLN Super Powers Unite!

I need the assistace of my amazing PLN and their Super Powers.

I have recently changed jobs and am now charged with opening a brand new library in a brand new school.  I was able to walk the construction site yesterday (hard hat, boots & all) to view the skeletal library layout.

I have been charged with "branding" the library as it was built with the intention to be the focal point of the school.  There are two areas in particular that need to be "branded": the circular reading/technology nook in the center of the library currently labeled "Cyber-Cafe" (no cafe component just reading spots & laptops), and our large outdoor balcony area that overlooks the outdoor commons area, cafeteria & gym.  (the library is on the second floor)

So....  This is what I need from my PLN:

  • Branding ideas for the outdoor balcony area
  • Branding ideas for the circular reading/technology nook
  • Any other suggestions for any other part of the library

I do not yet have:
  • School Mascot
  • School Logo
  • School Colors
  • School Mission or Vison Statement

I will post those as soon as they become available.

Here is a picture of the library blueprints to help visualize the space:

Thank you in advance my wonderful PLN!  I can't wait to here your ideas!


  1. Where is this awesome future library? I recommend replacing any cafe refs with the term "lounge."

  2. While I am a fan of branding reading promotions and events, I'm not sure how much you need to worry about branding spaces in your library. It seems at least once a week there is a politician or town that is reducing library funding/staffing etc. I feel like we, as a profession, need to strengthen the library brand rather than reinvent it.

    1. wow...I sounded a bit harsh, so I want to clarify: I know we are constantly reinventing our roles, but I think we need to promote ourselves and our spaces in a way that strengthen the library "brand."

      I do like referencing the area in the middle as a lounge, but I would probably just go with calling the balcony the balcony--unless the mascot is something that has good alliteration with the word balcony (e.g. Bear Balcony).

  3. That is an awesome set-up! I like Ryan's idea with the "lounge"...Learning Lounge, Leisure Lounge, maybe. Could even do something with the word "Pod" or "Nook".

    With the balcony, I'm trying to think of something with "Nature" or "Scene"/"Scenic" or "Overlook"..."Nature Nest" comes to mind right away but just throwing ideas out there.

    Can't wait to see what comes from others as I have new areas in my learning center to brand as well. Good luck, Nikki, and keep us updated on the outcome!

  4. Congratulations on opening a new library and school! I had the opportunity to do that three years ago. I created a logo that we placed on our all materials. I went to iStockphoto and purchased an image. I was able to edit it to fit our school community. Here is our page with the logo at the top I had an amazing para who then reconstructed the logo and placed it in the library - . At that time, I created a web app for mobile devices, created a website (not active now) and purchased libguides. I set up accounts on social media sites like Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, Flickr - and then posted updates on those sites. Not sure if this is at all helpful - but thought I would share. I am no longer in that library as I am now in our district office. Good luck! it is an exciting time to develop a vision for your school and library. -Becca

  5. Great space. You want one brand -- the two spaces should be tied to that central brand. You want to be sending a single strong message while showing the different ways it is achieved. I would start with your mission statement and spin off from there. If at all possible, brands should appeal to emotions. What do your customers want/desire/need?