Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August 26 - 30, 2013 The Library @ HHS

This week in The Library @ HHS was another great one! Our 1:1 iPad Initiative settled down this week and we were actually able to focus more on every day library tasks. Crystal Camp (my co librarian) and I actually planned out our 9th grade orientation presentation and schedule. We also continued training our library aides on their daily library tasks.

At the end of each month we send a "statistics" report to our administration.  Here is an excerpt from our the email detailing our first month in The Library @HHS:

What an exciting first two weeks of school!  Here are a few quick highlights of what has been happing in The Library @ HHS.

  • Number of students signing in with individual passes – 2,086
  • Total number of iPads checked out and set up to students – 2,557
  • Number of posters Mrs. Latta has printed –  over 128 posters
  • Amount of laminating film used –  over 1,000 ft
  • Number of teachers Ms. Robertson has met with to share Weebly, Google Drive, Google+ Hangouts and Google Forms – 36
  • Ms. Robertson set up 11 Google calendars for the library and other locations in the building per IT request.
  • Ms. Robertson has added 182 calendar requests to the newly created Google Calendars.
  • Ms. Robertson has created multiple video tutorials for flipped PD and instruction.
  • Mrs. Camp visited with Mr. Wilhite’s advisory class to show students how to use OverDrive.
  • Mrs. Michaels updated the iPad bulletin board with new information concerning the iPads
  • All library staff members have been assisting with make-up student ID pictures.

Perhaps one of the highlights of my week was conducting an informal session with 3rd period PLC teachers about how to create a classroom website using Weebly and how students can turn in assignments using Google Forms.  Here is a link to the video I created for teachers to show to their classes on how to turn assignments in via the classroom website and using a Google Form: http://youtu.be/dqMOq4FNe9U

The library staff assisted over 1000 students with a variety of needs this week.  One of our biggest demands was making student IDs so students could get into the big first game of the season.  

Students continued to get use to the new electronic sign in stations using Google Spreadsheets.

Ms. Ronna Michaels, one of our extraordinary library aides, had a moment to teach me how to use the WEPA Printing Kiosks.  I love these things! Every school should use these for student printing.

A wonderful Hoover High School parent brought in a delicious homemade  Hummingbird Cake for the library staff. Thank you so much!

Even with our 1:1 iPad Initiative, The Library @ HHS is still THE place for students to come study, work on assignments and catch up with friends.

The Library @ HHS loves our football team!  Here are a few pictures from our pep rally and the big game televised on ESPN.  Hoover scores 21 unanswered points to beat Colquitt County 24-10

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