Friday, September 27, 2013

HHSiBucs Learning During the Day: Google Hangouts

One thing I love about my new school are the numerous opportunities for teachers to learn and grow professionally.

This past Thursday teachers has an HHSiBucs Learning During the Day that focused on learning how to use various aspects of Google during their planning time. The decision as to the focus for the day of learning was generated via a teacher survey of their professional development needs.

I presented a session during 4th period about using Google Hangouts as a tool for flipping your classroom.

The teachers who attended my session and I carried on a lively philosophical debate regarding The Traditional Classroom vs. The Flipped Classroom. This was a lively, spirited yet friendly discussion that I think was well worth our time.  I did not record this part of our session as I felt is was more important for session participants to feel as if they could speak freely.

Near the end of the session we got down to business and the video below is the end result of our session together.

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