Wednesday, October 30, 2013

AASL Embraces the Unconference Model

Created by Gwyneth Jones

Thanks to the Bound To Stay Bound Grant I am attending my first ever national library conference in just a few short weeks.  Who knew that when I received this grant I would be part of a ground breaking, earth shattering, never attempted before unconference event?!  

As the Co Founder of EdCamp Atlanta and an EdCamp Junkie, Joyce Valenza had no trouble convincing me to jump on board to help make an AASL Unconference event happen, even if it is way after my bedtime! 

If you have never attended an EdCamp event or an Unconference you are missing one of the BEST professional development experiences of your life! 

So what makes an EdCamp or Unconference so different from the professional developments you are familiar with, even the riveting presentations at AASL and other national education conferences?  The first thing that comes to mind is the people.  The people who attend EdCamps and Unconference events are some of the most innovative, enthusiastic, creative people you will ever encounter.  The people who attend EdCamp and Unconference events ignite a spark in anyone they get near.  You leave an EdCamp or Unconference event knowing you have made valuable friends that will be there long after the event to spur you on as you bravley move forward with innovated lessons in your classroom, library and school.  The second thing that comes to mind is the format of an EdCamp or Unconference event.  There are NO planned sessions.  That's right.  No planned sessions.  When you walk into an EdCamp or Unconference event there is a blank session board.  Participants fill in the session board with topics they are interested in sharing or learning more about.   There are no "sit & get" sessions at an EdCamp or Unconference event.  The sessions are truly participant driven round table discussions where every voice is valued.

I know it's late and past most of our bedtimes, but this is an event you just cannot miss.  Once you have experienced an EdCamp or Unconference event you will have to have more!

Learn more about #AASLUncon here:

You can also download the #AASLUncon App by following the steps below:

Download iPhone App: YappBox

Click "View a Yapp"

Enter your name & 4VTTCF

Click the blue ADD button in the top right hand corner then click on app to open:


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