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This Week in The Library @HHS: September 23rd - 27th, 2013

Library Orientations
This week we finished up our 9th grade library orientations.  Now that we are a 1:1 iPad school our orientation centered around downloading important library apps and going through the initial set up for each app.  Apps downloaded included the following:

Curriculum & Technology Leadership Meeting
Hoover High School believes in creating leaders within our own school.  The Curriculum & Technology Leadership Meeting this month met in the beautiful library atrium.  We discussed creating common core experts in each department as well as a new test prep programs for the SAT & ACT.  

A Visit From the Hoover Public Library
Once a month The Library@HHS gets a visit from Katie Jane Morris, Children's Outreach representative from Hoover Public Library.  Katie Jane reads and has fun with  Ms. Hollis and Ms. Vann's classes. Katie Jane visit is the highlight of the month!

Open House
Open House was Tuesday night at Hoover High School.  A session for students and parents new to Hoover High School (new=after the first few weeks of school) was held in the library to help orient students and parents to what they missed during the week of official registration.  Sessions about iPads, Edmodo & other technology related issues were held in other parts of the building. 

Our wonderful PTSO provided yummy sandwiches and sides for teachers since they were staying at school late for Open House.  We LOVE our PTSO!

Several of our student library aide parents came to visit us as well.  Open House night is always a special treat for The Library@HHS!

Club Day
Club Day B was this past Wednesday.  Ms. Camp leads a Bookaneers Club in The Library@HHS.  I leave the library and head upstairs to help lead the Techaneers Club.  I helped get the Techaneers connected via Celly, my favorite communication tool for teachers and students.  All Techaneers received a message asking them to fill out a Google Form so that we could learn their interests and expertise in technology.  Want to learn more about Access my Simple K12 webinar HERE.

Two subgroups of the Techaneers I am most excited about our White Hat group that will try to hack the tech at our school to help expose vulnerabilities to our system.  Another group is going to work to develop an app for our school so that you can use the app to get into sports events, in the cafeteria, in the library, and lots of other purposes.  

As I came back from meeting with the Techaneers, Ms.Kemp grabbed me and asked if I had a moment to brainstorm how she and her students could collaborate on an emagazine via their iPads.  Basically we concluded that they really needed a way to turn in an assignment to a shared Google Drive Folder using their iPads.

We sat down in my office and walked through a few scenarios  and finally came up with a great plan.  I felt a bit like Nancy Drew solving a great tech mystery!  To assist Ms. Kemp with instructing her students to our plan I created a quick tutorial using Google Hangouts On Air.  Below is the tutorial I created:

Thursday was an exhaustingly busy but exhilarating day in The Library@HHS. We had our last classes of 9th grade orientations 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th periods.  During 3rd period I was an invited guest speaker for the Georgia Independent School Librarians Association.  Since I couldn't leave school in Birmingham to travel to Atlanta for this I connected with the group virtually using Google Hangouts On Air.  The topic of our discussion was how to connect and build your PLN using Twitter.  Below are the two broadcasts. (Two because I lost my connection halfway through---ahhh...Technology!)

HHSiBucs Learning During the Day
This past Thursday teachers had an HHSiBucs Learning During the Day that focused on learning how to use various aspects of Google during their planning time. The decision as to the focus for the day of learning was generated via a teacher survey of their professional development needs.

I presented a session during 4th period about using Google Hangouts as a tool for flipping your classroom.

The teachers who attended my session and I carried on a lively philosophical debate regarding The Traditional Classroom vs. The Flipped Classroom. This was a lively, spirited yet friendly discussion that I think was well worth our time.  I did not record this part of our session as I felt is was more important for session participants to feel as if they could speak freely.

Near the end of the session we got down to business and the video below is the end result of our session together.

Friday I had the opportunity to teach Mr. Ware's Social Studies classes about free databases available through the Alabama Virtual Library.  

Mr. Ware's students needed at least two book sources for their project.  We pulled books from our shelves for the students to use, but we also wanted to show the students how to find book sources online through the Alabama Virtual Library.  The two databases I share with Mr. Ware's students were Book Collection: Non Fiction and Student Research Center.  Both of these databases are helpful for finding book sources online.

Below is the Google Hangout I recorded during one of the classes:

Pep Rally
Friday ended the week with a Pep Rally.  The word Pep Rally doesn't even begin to express the school spirit at a Hoover High School Pep Rally.   A video of the Bucanettes is below.  They were AWESOME!

Below is a slide show of pics and video taken throughout the week:

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