Monday, October 7, 2013

This Week in The Library@HHS Sept. 30 - Oct. 4, 2013

One thing we do at the end of each month in The Library@HHS is to send a "statistics" report of library activity to our administrator.

Here is what Ms. Crystal Camp, my co librarian, sent to Principal Hulin on October 1, 2013.

We had another great month in the library.  Below are a few of the highlights from September:

  • 2816 students signed in with individual hall passes. 

  • The Library Staff provided all 9th grade students (approximately 800 students) with an orientation to the library where students learned about OverDrive, WEPA printing, Destiny Quest, and Easy Bib. 

  • Mrs. Camp and Mrs. Robertson visited Ms. Gannon’s classroom to teach students about OverDrive and Destiny.

  • Mrs. Camp visited Mrs. Westerlund’s class and Mr. Walkers classes to teach student about the Alabama Virtual Library. 

  •  Mrs. Robertson created a video tutorial on how to make a shared Google Drive folder for students to turn in assignments for Ms. Kemp. 

  •  Mrs. Michaels created a one day service request form for students.  Since 9/16, we fulfilled 56 students requests for iPad help.  

  •  Approximately 160-170 broken iPads have been processed by the library staff since the beginning of the school year.  (on average, we spend 20 minutes with each broken iPad.  With that in mind, we have spent about 25% of our time with broken iPads.) 

  •  Mrs. Latta laminated for teachers and also printed many posters.  She also assisted Coach Kervin with making an instructional game for his class. 

  • Ms. Robertson and Ms. Camp scheduled 133 teacher calendar requests to book library space, labs, laptop carts, etc. 

We have five main areas of the library can teachers can reserve to use for their classes.  They include a computer lab, library right, library left, the atrium, and the community room. If the lab is full we offer to set teachers up with laptops on either the right or left side of the library.  Mr. Ware's classes were in the library Monday, Tuesday & Friday.  We pulled books for them to use as research sources and also set up laptops for his students to use.

Dr. Kevin W. Whitaker, Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, came to visit and speak with engineering students at Hoover High School this week.  It was exciting to listen to him speak about the choices students have in choosing their path for the future. Below is the first 15 minutes of Dr. Whitaker's visit (We had freezing issues trying to get the rest to upload):

Juddie Walker from Boaz High School came to visit The Library@HHS Tuesday, October 1, 2013. Visiting other libraries and seeing first hand how other librarians run their programs is some of the best professional development you can get.  This is Juddie's first year as a librarian and she is already full of great ideas.  One of the most important things Juddie is doing in her library is change the perception of the library to a positive, active, engaging environment.  

Have you ever heard of Personal Shoppers in the library?!  Well, Personal Shopping is one of the services we offer at The Library@HHS.  This week we were Personal Shoppers for Ms. Tew's classes.  Ms. Tew's students wrote the following on index cards:

We then take the index cards and find three books that best suit each student based on interest indicated on their index cards as well as the Lexile level indicated by the teacher.

Ms. Tew is scheduled to bring her students to the library next week to select the book or books they want from our selections or they can choose for themselves.

We also changed our signage in the library to match the new high tech nature of our school.  We moved form using a dry erase board on an easel to a digital display.  Since there are 5 distinct areas that are used by teachers our signage is important so that students know where to go for class.

This week we also kicked off our Teen Read Week contest for the 12 coveted spots to visit the OverDrive Digital Bookmobile during Teen Read Week.

I also took a moment to put together a "NEW" book display right near the entrance of the library.

Below is a slide show of pictures from the week:

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  1. I love the personal shopper idea! You do an incredible job of documenting your displays and library visitors - such a great idea to record those things!