Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This Month in The Library@HHS November 2013

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I was only in The Library @HHS this month 11 days.  November was a crazy month filled with conference presentations that I had committed to long before I started working here.  I am thankful that my new school was supportive of these commitments, although I felt bad that I was missing so much time at the school.


Inventory in November? Yep.  We love the fact that Destiny has it's Inventory system set up to allow for inventory to be conducted year round.  Parent volunteers came in and have completed inventorying most of our reference, biography and special section books.  Parent volunteers ROCK!

Electronic Signage

My new school went 1:1 iPads this year yet The Library@HHS was still using a dry erase board to post where classes were scheduled to meet in the five meeting areas within the library.  This month we finally got our big screen television mounted so that we could toss the dry erase board and move into the future with the rest of the school.

Holiday Bazaar

Traditionally, The Library@HHS allows various community vendors to set up a one day Holiday Bazaar in the library.  This gets the community into our beautiful library and helps build relationships with community businesses.

Thanksgiving Meal with Hollis & Vann

Each year Ms. Hollis & Ms. Vann's students cook an amazing Thanksgiving Feast and invite teachers, parents, bus drivers, etc to come and celebrate the holidays with them.  This year was extra special as they were able to cook and serve lunch in their new classroom space.  The meal was delicious and I stuffed my belly full! 

Great Gatsby Day

Ms. Gannon and Ms. Gibson held their Great Gatsby Party in the community room inside The Library@HHS.  The kids dressed up, there was food to enjoy and watch the movie with gorgeous Leonardo DiCaprio.

Thankful Holiday Display

I created an interactive display that asked: "What Are You Thankful For?".  Students & teachers could get a leaf in the library and add it to the physical display or they could can the QR Code and add their thoughts to the interactive Padlet Board.

Tear Jerker Holiday Display

Inside the library Ms. Latta put together a Tear Jerker Display that has received many great reviews.


Gibson- GemDay Weebly

In September I showed the English PLC how to use Weebly for their classes.  This month one of our English Teachers, Ms. Gibson, showed me the Weebly she made for her husband who died of cancer two years ago.  I am so happy that she was able to use something I had taught her and apply it in such a meaningful way.


One thing I love about my new school is the willingness of teachers to share and learn together.  Ms. Ort always has great ideas and is willing to explore new ways to reach the goals for her classes.  This month we explored the possibility of using Google Maps with a special project she is having her students work on.

Zarzour- Doctopus & Goobric

Ms. Zarzour is a phenomenal first year teacher.  I learned about Doctopus and Goobric from Dr. Christopher Craft when I presented at the Georgia Educational Technology Conference the second week of November. Later I found out that Ms. Zarzour was already using Doctopus & Goobric with her students.  I wanted to use them with my student library aides and Ms. Zarzour was kind enough to sit down with me and walk me through the steps of how to use them. I am so excited to work in a school where we are encouraged to grow and learn together!

Reading to Hollis & Vann's Classes

Every Monday afternoon we read to Ms. Hollis and Ms. Vann's students. This past Monday I read an interactive touch book (ITB for Kids App) from my iPad that was mirrored via Apple TV onto our big screen television located in the library atrium. We also made hand turkeys (Hand Turkey App) using the iPad and everyone could see our turkeys on the big TV.

VHS Weeding Party

The Library@HHS is fortunate to have a large collection of VHS and DVD's available for teachers. However, weeding is necessary in this area of the collection.  Ms. Camp pulled up the circulation report for VHS tapes on her iPad and used this to pull VHS tapes from the collection that had not circulated in the last five years.  We then bought cookies, coffee, and hot chocolate, sent out invitations and had a VHS Weeding party in The Library@HHS.

Office Move

I think being visible in your library is important for all librarians.  open your doors and come out of those offices!  I just started working at The Library@HHS this school year.  My office is very nice, but is located in the very back of the library.  Up until this point I have been using a laptop and my iPad and sitting out at the circulation desk with our student library aides.  Recently Ms. Camp mentioned moving a television monitor in my office up to the circulation area so that we could monitor the students in our computer lab better.  It then occurred to me that I could move my entire office to the small alcove in the circulation area.  My "office" is now located in the hub of the library action without me being in the way of the student aides working the front desk.

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