Friday, December 6, 2013

This Week in The Library@HHS December 2-5, 2013

Monthly Report:

Each month Mrs. Crystal Camp sends the administration an update of the happenings in The Library@HHS.   Here is the run down from November created on December 2, 2013:

·         Mrs. Latta printed 75 color posters for faculty and staff, and she created a several books displays throughout the library.
·         Mrs. Robertson presented at three conferences:  The AEA Minority Leadership Conference, The Georgia Educational Technology Conference, and the AASL National Conference.
·         Mrs. Robertson created an interactive bulletin board that allowed students and teachers to post comments in response to the question, “What are You Thankful for?
·         Mrs. Robertson collaborated with Ms. Zarzour (Doctopus & Goobric) and Mrs. Ort (Google Maps).
·         Mrs. Camp examined the library’s AV collection to remove VHS tapes that had not circulated within the past 5 years.  Approximately 1140 VHS tapes were removed.
·         Mrs. Camp worked with parent volunteers to start inventorying sections of the library.
·         Mrs. Michaels entered 46 work orders for broken iPads and helped set up 31 new devices.
·         117 calendar reservations were made in November.
·         Approximately 3150 students visited the library with individual hall passes in November.


There are lots of methods librarians use to encourage reading.  One of my favorite is creating book displays. Mrs. Dana Latta is an expert when it comes to designing displays and making the library look beautiful and inviting.

Thanks to Joyce Valenza and the TL Virtual Cafe SmackDown this past Monday night, I learned about Canva and made some great posters for The Library@HHS.

Electronic Signage:

We are so thrilled about our new electronic signage.  This week I added a quote of the day into the calendar rotation.


Vann & Hollis
Each Monday during 6th period Ms. Vann & Ms. Hollis' students come to the library for story time.  Mrs. Camp read The Night Before Christmas and students made reindeer.

Ms. Robertson taught Ms. Gannon's classes how to use Google Drive for writing their research papers.  By using Google Drive, Ms. Gannon can watch students write their papers in real time as well as access their documents anytime to see their progress.  One thing I like to do when teaching classes is to record my presentation with Google Hangouts.  I then email the link to the recording to the teacher so they can post the link to their learning management system (Edmodo, Moodle, website, etc.) so that student who are absent don't miss the lesson.  It is also great for those students who might have forgot an step or two in the process.  They can watch the lesson again and get right back on track.


Our wonderful and generous PTSO provided the library with outdoor furniture for our outdoor learning space.  Now we can actually use this space for classes.  Teachers are already talking of using the space to grade papers and work on lesson plans.  Everyone is excited about this new space.

Inventory & Parent Volunteers:

The Library@HHS has the BEST parent volunteers EVER!  This week our parent volunteers helped us with inventory.  Thank you!

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