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This Week in the Library@HHS January 6-10, 2014

This week in The Library@HHS was COLD!  Who knew that it could get to -1 degrees in Alabama?!

School was delayed by an hour for students but The Library@HHS was open as usual for students to work on assignments, catch up with friends after the holiday break, and come in out of the cold while waiting for the delayed start of school.

New Year - New Display:

We like to change out our displays in the library quite often.  Library displays play an important part of encouraging students to check out books and to make the library attractive to patrons.  The Library@HHS is happy with it's Dewey Decimal shelving of books, but I have been adversely influenced by Genrefication Librarians Elissa Malespina, Sherry Gick, and Tiffany Whitehead; thus I choose to throw in a bit of genrefication with a ReadBox Display.

I came into the library over the holiday break to create this display.  I wanted to know how long making the display would take without being interrupted (students, teachers, admin, phone calls, fire drills, etc) so I set my stopwatch when I walked in the door and got to work.  It took 4 hours 27 minutes and 55 seconds from start to finish to get the final result.  The kids have really loved it so far and I have had to replenish the section of books several time already this week.

How do you promote reading in your library?

Vann and Hollis

We were excited to see Ms. Vann and Hollis' classes again in the new year.  They just start our week out on a happy note every Monday.  This week Crystal Camp read Martin's Big Words to the kids.  Here is a great video of this book from Teacher Tube:

After reading the book Mrs. Camp used a brown egg and a white egg to demonstrate to the students that even though we all look different on the outside we are all the same on the inside.

How do you support and include your special education classes in your library?

Professional Development

Our forward thinking administrators hosted a Twitter 101 Party in The Library@HHS's Community Room during all planning periods on Wednesday.  Jennifer Hogan lead the session I attended.  Even though I am a Twitterholic I learned a great deal by interacting with the other teachers in my session and then even more when I read Ms. Hogan's blog post about the day.  

How does your administration support and model for teachers the importance of being connected?

Library Intern

The Library@HHS is thrilled to have intern Laura Graves working with us in the new year.  Having an intern makes you take a step back and evaluate your library program.  This week Laura collaborated with Ms. Nowell and worked with the students on the collaborative activity in the library.  We have a lot more in store for Laura so that she is ready to tackle a library of her own when she graduates.

Even if you do not have an intern, when was the last time you really stepped back and evaluated your own library program?

Student Library Aides

We love our student library aides at The Library@HHS.  Student Library Aide is a class just like any other class and as such there are graded activities, mid terms and finals just like any other class.  This week we posted to our student library aide Edmodo group their new assignment for the new year.  Students were assigned new sections of the library to shelve, straighten, etc and were also challenged to create an attractive display to help promote their section of the library.  Here is a link to our grading rubric for this assignment: 

The students have already come up with some great ideas for their displays! I can't wait to see their finished projects.

What do you do with your student library aides?


Just like putting together a display takes time so does good planning of your library program.  

I spent a great deal of time this week planning.  

This school year our district issued iPads to all students in grades 9-12 and Chromebooks to students in the 7th and 8th grades. Orienting students and teachers to their iPads has been a full time job on top of our library work. Next year the 8th graders will bring their Chromebooks with them to the high school and the transition away from iPads will begin.  The Library@HHS starts a PD program starting this month until the end of the school year to assist teachers with becoming device agnostic.  We will focus this year on accessing and using the Hoover City Schools GAFE account and will then branch out from there to explore other device agnostic technologies for the classroom.  

Over the holiday break I participated in EdCampHome to learn a bit more about GAFE and to connect and network with other educators who have already or are preparing to tackle GAFE at their schools. Here is the GAFE session I participated in:

There were over 40 sessions in all offered during the EdCampHome event that I am working my way through watching.  You might also want to check out what you missed.  Find Session 1 links HERE and Session 2 links HERE.

Here is the plan for tackling the HHS GAFE PD sessions.  First I came up with a plan of what was most important for our teachers to know about GAFE and the breakdown of what to teach each month.  Here is the breakdown month by month:

Then because we have such a diverse staff and because I dislike sitting through a PD course I could teach myself, I designed an online course for teachers who have mastered or are proficient in the PD subject of the month to complete for credit and by pass the required in person PD sessions.  

I also created an Edmodo group and a Pinterest Board where we can share with each other device agnostic technologies we can incorporate into a mixed device classroom.  Please share the device agnostic technologies you have found to be most useful at your school.  

Lastly, I designed attractive invitations for the sessions using Canva, my new favorite design tool shared by Joyce Valenza.

The first PD session is this Tuesday, January 14, 2014.  Here is the Google Presentation for that day: and below is my recording for those who qualify to bypass the face to face session.

This morning I opened an email from our Assistant Superintendent that mentioned the importance of moving toward device agnostic technologies.  It's great knowing we are all on the same page in our school district.

How are you leading from your library?

Special Treats

When I arrived at work this Friday I found this waiting for me on my keyboard.  Yay! I love GiGi's Cupcakes & I love my school!  

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