Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This Week in The Library@HHS January 27-31, 2014

Vann & Hollis' Classes

Each Monday we read to Ms. Vann & Ms. Hollis' students during 6th period.  This particular Monday Ms. Robertson choose to read the book, The Napping House by Audrey Wood.  Ms. Robertson started out by showing the School House Rock video about adjectives because there are so many good adjectives in The Napping House.  Because the group is fairly large, Ms. Robertson scanned the pages of the book and displayed them on our large screen TV so students could see the pictures better as I read the story.  After reading the story we discussed the weather in the story and then we used the iPad displayed on the big screen TV to look at the Weather Channel and discussed reasons why you might want to check the weather.  Little did I know how foretelling this activity would turn out to be.

The Snowpocalypse

Tuesday was quite cold but school started as normal.  Around 9:00 we began to see snow flurries (a rarity in Alabama).  By 10:00 it was snowing pretty good so Ms. Robertson took the student library aides on a "field trip"  to the library's outdoor classroom to enjoy the snow.

Shortly after this video was shot we all began to realize that this was no ordinary Alabama snowfall.  By 10:30 students who drove were released to head home and buses were on their way to pick up students who didn't drive.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Over 11,000 students just in the Birmingham area spent the night at school with their teachers.  The last students did not head home until after 5:00 pm on Wednesday.

The Library@HHS provided those stuck at school with phone charging equipment, videos, books, and a place for the cafeteria staff to relax and sleep.

It was definitely an adventure.

ABEA 49th Annual Conference

Luckily by Saturday most of the ice from the Snowpocalypse had melted and the Alabama Business Education Association (ABEA) Annual Conference was able to still take place in The Library@HHS.  Ms. Robertson presented a session entitled, Connecting and Collaborating with Google Hangouts.  The wonderful Jane Bruce was so sweet to assist with this presentation.

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