Monday, March 3, 2014

This Week in the Library@HHS February 24-28, 2014

Professional Development:

This week we continued our four part series focused on becoming device agnostic as Hoover High School anticipates a shift from iPads to Chromebooks, and eventually to a bring your own device (BYOD) environment.

Google 101/Session 2 focused on Google Forms, Spreadsheets, Flubaroo and the Google Chrome Web Store.   Here is the link to our session recordings and Google Presentation:

All PD sessions are always followed up with small group, one on one, or co teaching if requested.  We know that all of this information can be intimidating and overwhelming and are here to make this transition as smooth and pain free as possible.

Budget Conscious:

Although The Library@HHS is luck to have local funding for the library (there has been no state funding for Alabama Libraries for the last seven years), we are feeling the pains of a restricted budget.   This has also come on the heels of a massive one to one roll out which the library needs to keep up with patron needs. One big need is charging stations.  These can be quite expensive and may not meet all of the needs of your particular school.  Luckily, we have very resourceful people at HHS.  Crystal Camp and Keith Fulmer used existing end tables, Plexiglas display holders, surge protectors and charging cords to build our own, custom made charging stations.  The kids love them and they get lots of use!

Public Library:

We love our public library.  Ms. Katie Jane comes out once a month and reads to Ms. Vann & Hollis' students.  This week, however, we had Wendy and Stephen from the Hoover Public Library out to sign students up for a public library card.  Hoover Public Library uses OverDrive for their ebook collection just like Hoover High School, but their selection is much larger than ours so we want to make sure students have access to both locations for their ebook needs.  Additionally, Hoover Public Library also has a great new online magazine database that we wanted our students to be aware of.  Find out more about the Hoover Public Library HERE.

Book Displays:

January and February featured our student library aides book displays that they created for their sections of the library. A deliver of new books spurred a change in displays this week.  Down came the old displays and up went great new displays created by Dana Latta and Ronna Michaels, our amazing Library Aides.

Library Interns:

We are lucky at HHS to periodically have library interns from local colleges and universities that offer degrees in Library Media.  We introduced our Library Intern to the joys of Inventory this week!

Library Classroom Spaces:

The weather was gentle to us this week thus our new outdoor classroom space saw some patrons enjoying the sunshine.  Other classroom spaces in the library were also well utilized.

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