Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Practice What You Preach

Each month this year I have had the awesome opportunity to lead PD sessions all about using Google Drive in the classroom.  This month our learning objective is how to use Doctopus and Goobric.

I had the opportunity today to practice what I preach with Ms. Zarzour's classes.  Ms. Zarzour's students are researching colleges and careers as well as working on their resumes.  In preparation for this lesson I created a Google Form to collect student names and email address; the first step toward using Doctopus. Next, I set up a Google Hangout On Air (GHOA) event so that the lesson would be rewindable for students and also available for those students who were absent.  Lastly, I created a Google Document that contained: a link to the YouTube video that would be created using the GHOA, the resources I was recommending for students to use, and my contact information if students have questions.

After my quick session with the class was over I used the Doctopus script to send the Google Document to each student's Google Drive account.  Easy as pie and now every student has quick, convenient access to the information and links presented during class as well as a video they can view/fast forward/rewind if they need a refresher.

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