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This Week in The Library@HHS April 7-11, 2014

HHS Prom:

While not an "official" part of this week in The Library@HHS, we did represent at the HHS Prom this past weekend.  Nikki D Robertson arrived at the beginning of the prom to helped steer arriving students up the stairs to the prom entrance and stayed until the prom was completely taken down and cleaned up.  A big THANK YOU to the amazing Jamey Nowlin for putting together such a beautiful prom!  I made sure to "torture" our student library aides by making them do selfies with me! LOL!


This week in The Library@HHS started with flooding.  Solid, hard rain all weekend resulted in flooding that delayed the start of school by two hours.  Mr. Woodruff provided us with this water level graph:

Ms. Ort, Environmental Science Teacher at Hoover High School, gave directions to interested faculty how to see the effects of the flooding on the river near the school, 

"The best trails start down near the football and baseball fields. Follow the little road between the stadium and the big pond. There is a trail dead ahead. It ends at the river and you then turn left or right to follow the river."

Vietnam Veteran Speaks to IB Students:

Mr. Coltrane's father, a Vietnam Veteran, was scheduled to speak with IB students who had read The Things They Carried about his personal experience in the Vietnam War.  The flooding Monday morning caused a late start but we were still able to spend some time with him.  We broadcast his conversation about the Vietnam War via  Hangouts On Air and I have blogged about it here.

Perhaps the most chilling quote of the day came when Mr. Coltrane told students of his experience when he came under fire and had to hide behind a very low wall not more than a few inches from the ground, 

"I learned you could dig a hole in asphalt with your fingernails"

Hollis & Vann:

Crystal Camp read two books to Ms. Hollis & Ms. Vann's students.  We love our self contained special education classes and want to make sure that they are included in the activities going on in The Library@HHS.  We love seeing them every Monday!

Library Visitor:

Shannon Petty, English Teacher in a nearby school district and Library Media student, came to spend the day at The Library@HHS to observe Crystal Camp and Nikki Robertson in their natural habitat (LOL!). It was bitter sweet to hear Shannon marvel as to the beehive of activity she found in The Library@HHS. Bitter because an active, engaged library should be the case in every school. I hope that we provided her with lots of good information she can take back and share with the other Library Media students in her class and will hopefully be able to implement some of the ideas into her own library in the future.

Teacher and Staff Member of the Quarter:

The Hoover High School PTSO spoils us.  This week in The Library@HHS the HHS PTSO hosted the Teacher and Staff Member of the Quarter Luncheon in our beautiful Community Room.  Our very own library aide, Ronna Michaels, was honored as Staff Member of the Quarter. Ronna has been a miracle worker this year with her organizational skills as The Library@HHS was tasked with spearheading all things iPad in the 1:1 iPad Initiative this school year.

Outdoor Library Classroom:

Thanks again to our fabulous HHS PTSO we now have two more benches and cushions for the chairs in our Outdoor Library Classroom.  Teachers have begun reserving this space now that the weather has turned nice.  When teachers don't have this space reserved it is available for anyone wishing to enjoy this beautiful space.

One to One PD:

Ms. Robertson assisted a few teachers this week with various technology related questions that ranged from setting up a computer for a college class distance learning lesson using Big Blue Button to reviewing Google Hangouts On Air to assisting teachers for the upcoming Google PD on Doctopus and Goobric.  We love it when teachers come into The Library@HHS and say, "I have a great lesson idea! How can we incorporate technology into it?"

Electronic Signage:

We are still loving our electronic signage in The Library@HHS.  With six spaces available for classes to reserve we rely on the electronic signage to direct students to where their classes are meeting and as to what spaces are "free" areas.  The Library@HHS also likes finding great quotes to post along with the class locations.

Here are a few of the quotes form this week:

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