Saturday, October 4, 2014

This Week @ Elkmont & Beyond! September 28th - October 4th

Elkmont DPI End of Month Report

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) began at Elkmont 
  • Established Professional Learning Communities (PLC
  • Training of 3rd - 12th grades on LCS GAFE Account 
  • Established a weekly DPI time for each 3rd and 4th grade teacher to ensure DPI teachers/students are receiving at 75% of Instructional Technology Facilitators time each week 
  • Established a weekly DPI blog post highlighting Elkmont’s progression with DPI and BYOD 

Word Mosaics with Nouns

Ms. Bates and Ms. Adams' 4th Grade students had some fun learning nouns by making word clouds with them. This is just the first step the DPI Team will take using word clouds. Our next step is to use word clouds to assist students with identifying main idea and writing summaries of text.
Word clouds, also called tag clouds or a weighted list, are a visual depiction of the frequency tabulation of the words in any selected written material, such as lecture notes, a
textbook chapter or an internet site. Font size is used to indicate frequency, so the larger the font size, the more frequently a word is used. (

Illustrating Vocabulary Words with Google Slides

Mr. Hobbs 4th Grade students illustrated their vocabulary words from the story, The Secret Messenger, using Google Slides. During this lesson students learned how to create a Google Slide presentation, how to choose a slide theme, how to edit text, how to add images, and how to share the presentation with others.

Our next steps once we master using Google Slides (formerly Google Presentations) is to:

  • work collaboratively in groups within the classroom on a single Google Slide Presentation 
  • work collaboratively in groups with students in other classes on a single Google Slide Presentation 
  • work collaboratively in groups with students in other schools on a single Google Slide Presentation 

Ms. English's 3rd grade students worked in collaborative groups using Google Slides to create presentations about National Landmarks. Students learned how to find and add images and edit text. Because of the collaborative nature using Google Slides this activity ranks in the Redefinition part of the SAMR Model.

Student Directors Premier at Elkmont

Ms. Bates & Ms. Adams 4th grade students traded their desks for the director's chair this week. Continuing with their language arts focus on nouns, students used KidzSearch to safely search for images of nouns. Once students had gathered a minimum of 10 nouns they created their own noun movie using iMovie.

Ms. McMunn's 3rd grade students integrated their math lesson about grams and kilograms by creating an iMovie with items that represented each unit of measure.

This lesson is on the Redefinition level of the SAMR Model.

Professional Development with Technology In Motion

Michael Pepper with Technology in Motion came to Elkmont High School on Friday, October 3rd. Mr. Pepper comes around at least once an month and assist teachers with any technology questions they might have.  Mr. Pepper runs from one area of the school to another meeting with teachers during their 30 minute planning time.

3rd grade teachers had questions regarding the new Promethean Boards in their classrooms. Mr. Pepper was awesome and helped the teachers learn great new tricks to do with their boards.

Personal Professional Development

WLMA (Washington Library Media Association) held their first Google Hangout broadcast on Saturday, October 4, 2014 to wrap up their annual conference.  Special guests included Joyce Valenza, Doug Johnson & Jennifer LaGarde.  Kudos to Craig Seasholes and the WLMA Team for venturing into new territory with using Google Hangouts.  I love this example this sets for others to not be afraid to try! 

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