Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fifth Grade Interdisciplinary Project Based Learning Unit Wraps Up

Small Town Livin' a Project Based Learning unit that has been in progress since the beginning of the school year came to a wonderful conclusion this week as students presented their work to parents, teachers, central office personnel, the mayor, city council members and community members.

The idea for a Project Based Learning unit was devised last school year and was solidified by Elkmont High School's amazing 5th grade teachers, Ms. Bailey, Ms. Holt & Ms. Hardiman, at a three day professional development training about Project Based Learning in Talladega, AL. 

The PBL Summary read as follows: The students will research and propose an idea for an empty lot in Elkmont, AL downtown area. Students will work together to decide what might be the best addition to our new businesses and downtown atmosphere.

Students began the year with a field trip to downtown Elkmont to look at the businesses, building, geographic features, forms of advertising, etc. in preparation for their project. A tremendous amount of math went into this project as students had to account for the physical size of their businesses, which required them to have a working knowledge of area and perimiter.

Teamwork, collaboration, and compromise was the response from each group when ask what they learned the most about from having worked on this project.

The project included a wide variety of school staff including the Instructional Technology Facilitator, Librarians, Art Teacher and more.

Elkmont High School is proud of the effort our 5th grade unit has put into this project. The results have been phenomenal and a wonderful learning and growth opportunity for our students.

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