Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Collaboration Gold

Mrs.  Tammy  Hilliard, High School English teacher at Ardmore High School in Limestone County is our Moodle Guru!  No only does Ms. Hilliard set up all of our classes county wide, but has also branched out this year to create collaborative classes in Moodle so that teachers can share what they have on their individual pages.  

Ms. Hilliard sent this out a few weeks ago to the LCS Instructional Technology Facilitators.

I firmly believe that collaboration with other teachers is the best way to get new ideas, but it's just so HARD to find time to talk to each other and share resources.  
I really want to see these communities thrive and become a place where we can all go for ideas and resources. If I've already made a test on Jason and the Golden Fleece, I just see no need for the mythology teacher at Tanner or West to have to reinvent the wheel.  
Moodle scrambles tests and choices, so it's not as if kids can just spread the word that number one is D, number two is B, and so forth, right? Now, I'm not about to ask teachers to share their tests if they don't want to, but I DO want to give them a place to do it if they're willing. Of course, it's not just tests--we can share websites, handouts, project ideas, whatever we think our fellow teachers can use.

How awesome is this idea for helping teachers within a school district to collaborate?!

Mrs. Amanda Gibbs, Instructional Technology Facilitator at West Limestone, has set up a shared Google folder for the nine Instructional Technology Facilitator in Limestone County. Inside this folder are other folders and all the important documents we need to successfully do our jobs. We all contribute to these folders, but Ms. Gibbs is definitely the driving force behind this great collaboration.

Ms. Wendy Davis, Instructional Technology Facilitator at Owens Elementary, has been creating Kahoot games that are correlated to our 3rd & 4th grade Reading vocabulary. Wendy has added this document to our shared Google Folder and with all of the 3rd & 4th grade teachers in Limestone County Schools.

How is your school system encouraging collaboration within your school district?

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