Sunday, December 7, 2014

It's An EdChat Interactive ShinDig!

This week I finally participated in my first EdChat Interactive PD Session via ShinDig.

What is a ShinDig? 
Shindig is a NYC start-up committed to unleashing the unrealized potential of video chat. Shindig's proprietary technology enables you to give an online reading, talk, or interview in front of an online group of 50 to 1000. In Shindig, you can share the stage with fans and take questions from audience members. Additionally Shindig adds a unique social dimension to events by allowing fans themselves to also interact with one another in private video chats.

What is EdChat Interactive? 

Edchat Interactive started with Steven Anderson, Tom Whitby, and Mitch Weisburgh. 
The three of us saw an opportunity to conduct PD more in tune with the way we learn, and to use technology to bring the skills and knowledge of education thought leaders to hundreds of thousand of educators. 
People don't learn just by watching. We need to interact, reflect, and participate. That's our model, in 45 minute segments that fit into the busy lives of educators.

This week the topic of the EdChat Interactive PD Session was "Collaboration Beyond the Classroom" and was lead by Mark Barnes using his book, Teaching the iStudent, as a framework for the conversation. The format using ShinDig was exciting and quite easy to use as a participant.  

Steven Anderson got the session started by introducing Mark Barnes. Mr. Barnes introduced the topic of conversation and explained briefly how ShinDig works. After a few minutes, Mark presented the audience with two questions and had us partner up or form small groups to discuss our thoughts regarding the questions.  

I partnered up with Stella from Argentina and Tami from Hawaii. We were able to see and talk to each other quite easily, although there may have been a bandwidth issue with Stella's connection from Argentina. It was cool also to see thumbnails of the other partnerships/groups that formed outside of our own.  

After a few minutes Mark brought all the groups together again and then asked for a spokesperson from each group to summarize what their group had discussed.  

This method of presenting, grouping, sharing was the pattern for the evening. I found this webinar method to be engaging, fun and just outright COOL!

If you would like to participate in one of these events sign up HERE.  

The next EdChat Interactive sessions are:

December 11, 2014 3:30PM  and 4:45PM Eastern time (Thursday)
        Moderators: Dr. Russell Quaglia and Dr. Michael J. Corso

What do these three things have in common you may ask? More than you can imagine! Whether you have been naughty or nice you will want to spend 30 minutes with Quaglia and Corso as they discuss the importance of student voice and how that impacts student aspirations and overall student success in schools. Data will be shared from both the Student Voice and Teacher Voice Surveys and implications for Santa will be evident. See more...
        Register Here

December 15, 8:00 PM Eastern time (Monday)
Feedback, Feedback and More Feedback
Moderator: Phil Stubbs

This session will be a discussion on strategies for developing student capacity to give and receive feedback, and to transfer ownership of the responsibility for learning to the student. More ...

Register Here

December 17, 8:00 PM (Tuesday)
Eliminating grades, what can we do now?
Moderator: Mark Barnes

Mark will lead a discussion on what actions we can take now to transition from traditional assessment. This has been a topic of such interest that Mark is writing a book on it (due in February), but you can get a preview on Edchat Interactive and start taking action today.

Register Here

January 7,  and January 21 8:00 PM Eastern time (Wednesday)
Genius in Your Classroom
Moderator: Don Wettrick
Don Wettrick is the author of Pure Genius: Building a Culture of Innovation and is an Indiana Educator with a passion for student directed learning.
Do you want to ignite the fire of engagement with your students? Do you want to be amazed by what they've accomplished? Then you need to participate in this two-part web event starting January 7 and continuing on January 21. You won't just be listening to an "expert"; you will be interacting with other educators as you explore how to and how not to infect your students with the innovation bug.

Register for Don's Sessions Here

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