Monday, December 8, 2014

Hour Of Code: Day One A Success Despite Glitches

Today, Monday, December 8, 2014, kicked off the world wide event known as Hour Of Code.  Elkmont High School has a full calendar of classes participating in Hour Of Code this week and I guess we were not the only people jumping in head first today because the Hour Of Code website wasn't working for many of us throughout Limestone County Schools.

Luckily, being educators, this was no problem and we forged ahead with "unplugged" coding.  The first class to test out the coding waters at Elkmont today was Ms. Atina English's 3rd grade class.  Ms. English's students are amazing in about a million different ways and were very sweet as we worked through the morning glitches.

We started the day with an "unplugged" coding activity.  A student was chosen to be our "robot".  Using a blank Google Document, the class wrote code for our "robot" to follow.  Our "robot" was coded to go to the TV int he back of the room.  Once we had written the code on our Google Document one student commented, "We had to write all of that just to get our robot to the TV?!"  YES! Lots & lots of coding goes into building the games we all love to play.

The next "unplugged" coding activity required a few volunteer robots.  This time I started typing the code on the Google Document.  See if you can figure out what I was coding our robots to do: (disclaimer: I don't know nothin' about writin' no code!)


Have you guessed yet??  Right! It's the Hokey Pokey!

Below are Ms. Tamara Holt's 6th graders being coded to do the Hokey Pokey.

Later in the day I had our 6th graders code The Cotton Eyed Joe dance (Their PE teacher would be proud!)

After our "unplugged" coding activities we opened up our MacBooks and explored Made w/Code by Google since the website was still glitchy or not working at all.  We coded the White House Christmas Tree, coded our faces, coded snowflakes and so much more! One of the favorite coding activities of the day was playing CodeCombat

When I pointed out to students that they were doing math when they were coding the response was, "WHAT? HOW?!"  That's when I pointed out the various coding activities were had done that used variables as well as x & y axis points.

President Obama even got into Hour Of Code today with the Frozen Coding adventure!

President Obama also had a message for students to motivate student worldwide to try Hour Of Code.

I will visit all the 3rd & 4th grade classes twice during the week of Hour Of Code.  During my 2nd visit with classes we will code (fingers crossed) a holiday greeting card using Scratch!

Watch our tweets all week long by following the hashtag #HourOfCode!

See more of what we did in our Flickr show below:

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