Monday, January 26, 2015

Tech Treasures & More! January 11-25, 2015


Nurph is the #1 BEST product I have found to assist with moderating and archiving Twitter Chat sessions.  It beats other archiving websites hands down!

Here are just a few things Nurph allows: (a lifesaver for moderators)

  • set up the chat with questions in advance for participants to view
  • add more than one moderator to the chat
  • promote the chat with a link provided by Nurph
  • view how many participants RSVP'd via Nurph
  • participate in the chat live via Nurph
  • view number of participants who joined the chat using Nurph
  • view detailed statistics from your chat
  • allows access to a "replay" of your chat
Not convinced?  Take a look at this #TLChat archived provided by Nurph:

Want to know more about Nurph? Check out this great document:



Dyslexie is a new typeface (font) that can make life easier for people everywhere who live with dyslexia.  

QUOTE of the Week:

Moving from the school library to the position of Instructional Technology Facilitator this year I have been able to see the TRUTH in this quote.  Teachers and students both struggle to find a healthy balance when it comes to using technology in the classroom, especially in a 1:1 environment.  

At my school we have had frequent discussions about our 1:1 MacBooks as a tool to be used in the classroom but that paper and pencil, dry erase boards, manipulatives, etc are also tools to be used in the classroom. Knowing when to use one over the other is the question.  

I find that many teachers are reticent to use a new technology with students if they have not 'mastered" the technology.  This approach simply will not work in today's ever changing world.  Instead, consider allowing students to discover, investigate and discuss how they think a new technology could be used WITH the objective the are currently learning.  This creates a "we are in this together" mentality and gives students the sense that they have choice and voice in their classroom.  

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