Saturday, February 14, 2015

Kaizena: Save Yourself & Your Students From THE RED PEN!

All schools in Limestone County were asked to create a video detailing a technology that has been integrated into the classroom and that supports our Learning Focused goals.

Working as a team, Elkmont High School Digital Passport Initiative (DPI) teachers, Instructional Technology Facilitator and the Instructional/Reading Coach choose to demonstrate Kaizena. Kaizena allows teachers to grade student work and provide audio feedback, comments, or even a URL link right on their shared Google Doc. Kaizena originated as a Japanese business philosophy which works towards continuous improvement and personal efficiency and goes hand in hand with the Learning Focused strategies. The extension provides a useful tool that allows teachers to provide specific and deliberate feedback which the students can view on their own shared document.

Ms. Katie Walker, 3rd grade DPI teacher, commented that the process of reviewing and providing feedback to student's writing prompt responses would normally take anywhere from an hour and half or more was cut nearly in half using Kaizena.

Students responded that they liked using Kaizena because their teacher was talking just to them!  This is one of my favorite things about Kaizena, students get the one on one attention they all need and want.

All Instructional Technology Facilitators and Instructional/Reading Coaches learned how to use Kaizena this past Friday, February 13, 2015 so that they could take this amazing tech tool back to each of their schools.

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