Saturday, February 7, 2015

This Week @Elkmont & Beyond! February 1st - 7th


Ms. Walker's 3rd grade students used Kahoot to review their vocabulary words this week. It was so much fun and a great type of formative assessment.

Kahoot is very easy to use in a 1:1 or BYOD classroom. As a teacher you can use quizzes that have already been made or you can quickly create your own.

Wendy Davis, Instructional Technology Facilitator at Owens Elementary School, has created Kahoot quizzes that support 3rd, 4th and 5th grade reading vocabulary for everyone in the district to use. Access her quizzes HERE

Watch a portion of the fun Ms. Walker's students had HERE.

Kaizena: Making the Writing Process EASY!

3rd and 4th grade students started using the Google add on Kaizena to assist students in mastering the writing process. 

If you have been a teacher for any amount of time and have tried to go through the writing process with students you know how tedious and time consuming this task can be for teachers and students. Kaizena is the answer.

The best way for teachers to use Kaizena is to image the student whose paper you are reviewing is sitting next to you. Use the recording feature to "talk" to the student about their writing prompt response, essay, research paper, etc., as if the student is sitting right next to you. Students can then listen to their teacher's comments and make the suggested corrections easily within Google Docs.

Kaizena is perfect for formative assessment and is an ultimate relationship builder.

Using Padlet To Summarize Learning

3rd graders learned how to use Padlet this week to show what they know about the story, The Talented Clementine. We had so much fun using Padlet we tweeting about what we were doing. The illustrator of The Talented ClementineMarla Frazee, liked our tweet and offered to Skype with our 3rd graders soon! How cool is that?!

For more ways to use Padlet in your classroom check out these sites:

Check out what Elkmont's 3rd graders have done using Padlet on our Virtual Hallway.

Find out what all Elkmont DPI students have been doing with their MacBooks on the Virtual Hallway as well!

World Read Aloud Day 2015

The World Read Aloud Day "Speak Your Story" Blogging Challenge begins February 9 and runs through March 8. If you choose to take the challenge, each week you will be asked to write a post in response to a prompt or question, for a total of 4 posts counting down to World Read Aloud Day.

World Read Aloud Day is the perfect time to get your students writing, reading and connecting globally. Learn more here:

3 Things Great Teachers Do With Technology

Limestone County Schools is quickly moving forward with technology integration via the Digital Passport Initiative (DPI). In just a few short years all 3rd through 12th grade students be provided a MacBook Air laptop for use in class and at home. 

This article can help teachers moving into the 1:1 or BYOD arena know key component of implementing technology successfully.

In The Library

Monday nights are THE night for school librarians.  This Monday was no exception.  Tiffany Whitehead wore all hats during the TL Virtual Cafe webinar serving as both moderator and presenter. She did a stellar job with both.

If you missed the TL Virtual Cafe webinar this past Monday night you can watch the recorded session and get all the links shared during the webinar HERE.

The topic was Ditching Dewey: Genrifying Your Library.  This is a highly debated issue in school library circles, but Tiffany presented sound facts for why ditching dewey was a good idea for her school library.  Tiffany also provided detailed directions about not only how to get started but how to deal with issues such as shelving, automated systems, etc once you ditch dewey.  Two facts stuck out that simply can't be over looked whether you are on Team Dewey or Team Genre:

  • Circulation of both fiction and non fiction books increase significantly when you ditch dewey
  • More students reading, especially non fiction text, increase test scores.

Even if you are firmly in Team Dewey it couldn't hurt to listen to this inspiring webinar. 

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