Saturday, February 14, 2015

Using Padlet to Summarize Learning

Elkmont High School's 3rd grade DPI teachers have started using Padlet as a part of our Learning Focused strategies for summarizing, exit tickets, and more!

3rd graders learned how to use Padlet last week to show what they know about the story, The Talented Clementine. We had so much fun using Padlet we tweeting about what we were doing. The illustrator of The Talented Clementine, Marla Frazee, liked our tweet and offered to Skype with our 3rd graders soon! How cool is that?!

This week students used Padlet to summarize their reading prompt of the week, Life in the Cold.

For more ways to use Padlet in your classroom check out these sites:

Also, be sure to check out what Elkmont's 3rd graders have done using Padlet on our 3rd grade Virtual Hallway.

Find out what all Elkmont DPI students have been doing with their MacBooks on the DPI Virtual Hallway as well!

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