Saturday, March 7, 2015

NCCE 2015: Teacher-Librarian Summit


This school year has been a whirlwind of exciting change and opportunities.  I got married, started a new job in a brand new position (from Librarian to Instructional Technology Facilitator), got PRK (similar to LASIK), and will fly out to Portland, Oregon for the largest Educational Technology Conference in the NorthWest next week!

I am already "fangirling" the keynote speakers:

as well as the star filled lineup of featured speakers:
  • Tom Daccord is Director and Co-Founder of EdTechTeacher

The Teacher-Librarian Summit at NCCE2015 Wednesday, March 18, 2015 is all about: Finding Your Voice! It's an honor to join Richard Snyder and Morgen Larsen as Alaka'i (leaders) for the Teacher- Librarian Summit as participants take a deeper dive into roles of reading advocacy, program management, information literacy and staff development. This empowering summit will include hands-on opportunities focused on Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, creating a flipped/rewindable library and technology trends. There will be plenty of opportunities to network and strengthen your PLN, so come prepared for a full day of learning and collaborating. 

Plan on attending? Connect with me before the Teacher-Librarian Summit  on Twitter.  

My eyes will not be completely healed after my PRK surgery and I won't be able to see clearly so please come up to me and introduce yourself! I want to meet you!

Find out more about NCCE 2015 and registration HERE.

Keynote: Voice Is Power 


Twitter: Empowering YOUR VOICE with Twitter 
           Have your Twitter account set up and be ready to join in this 
           fun filled, interactive session! 


SMACKDOWN: YOU sharing the best apps, websites, tips, tricks & hints!
                                 Attending NCCE2015? Add YOUR VOICE to one or two of    
                                 the SmackDown slides HERE. 


My Two Hour Sessions:

My 5o Minute Sessions


  1. Your sessions sound wonderful! I wish I could be there. I also wish I could have pulled off getting you out to California. I hope that can happen in the future!