The Incredibly True Adventures of a School Librarian

The Incredibly True Adventures of a School Librarian

Friday, July 24, 2015

Invite Experts Into Your Classroom...FREE!

One of my top goals as I enter a new school year in a new school is to connect educators and students globally to make learning more authentic and provide real world insight from experts around the globe.  

Google Hangouts on Air is the perfect way to accomplish this goal.  It is free, easy, device agnostic, and FUN!  Most experts are willing to visit your class for 10 to 15 minutes at no cost.  But don't stop there! 


Did you book a great expert to Google Hangout with your students?  Share them with the rest of us! I shared the amazing author/illustrator, Ed Hose, with classes from all over the United States by using a Google Form to invite other classes to be a part of the Google Hangout.  I also shared the YouTube link so that other classes could watch our conversation with Ed Hose.

Have an awesome speaker actually coming to your school?  See if they would be willing to be "shared" via Google Hangouts with other schools.  Share the love!  At Hoover High School we had a Vietnam Veteran talk to our IB students about the war.  We invited other classes to watch through Google Hangouts on Air!

But wait! This is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do with Google Hangouts! 

Want to find more great connections with Google Hangouts?  Check out the new website, Google Hangouts for Education and help us grow! 

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