Thursday, July 30, 2015

Just Your Tandem Instructional Technology Facilitator Masquerading as a Librarian

This year teachers at James Clemens High School are transitioning to Google Apps For Education, specifically Google Classroom.  To assist with this transition I have had myself added to the lab reservation calendar so that teachers can reserve ME the person, not the library,  to co teach with them as they navigate not only the Google Apps for Education waters but, integration of technology into the curriculum as well. 

Of course, as with any new changes, especially technology related changes, nerves can get rattled and questions of "How!" abound.   

Being the Google Geek that I am and because I believe teachers just need a safety net to move forward and feel confident embracing new technologies, I'm excited about embracing this role!

The steps that teachers at James Clemens High School need to follow to reserve me for a co teaching experience were sent out in an email and are listed below:

Want to transition to Google Classroom or add a technology component to your lessons? 

Want a one on one or small group PLC PD session? 

On LARS do the following: 

  • Book me (Nikki D Robertson) 

  • Book the Harvard Room  

  • Book a laptop cart  

  • email me to let me know the date, block and topic you would like me to co teach with you.
ALSO, be sure to book me during your planning period at least a few days before our co teaching reservation so that I can evaluate your tech needs and help you set up the “teacher portion” of the tech.  We will also practice what the tech will look like on the student end as well. 

I am your tandem instructional technology facilitator masquerading as a librarian! My mission is to bring out your inner technology superhero!

I also firmly believe in empowering teachers (and students) to be masters of their own learning. My ultimate goal is to see teachers confident in their own abilities to discover, explore, and integrate new technologies into their curriculum and share these discoveries with others.

 Want so help getting started with the amazing power of Google on your own?  Check out my Pinterest Boards below:

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