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This Week in the Library@JCHS: August 24-28, 2015

You never know what will happen in the JCHS Library!

Class Visits

This week the library "hosted" classes for STAR Testing, saw Ms. Hamilton's students as they worked on a really cool project for Chemistry, and we read and did arts & crafts with Ms. Humphrey's students.

Ms. Hamilton's Chemistry students are researching about scientists and creating birth certificates, wedding certificates, designing, drawing, researching and more! Ms. Hamilton really kicked what could have been a boring research assignment up a notch! The kids were engaged and excited about what they were creating.

Ms. Humphrey's class read The Napping House by Audrey Wood. After reading we created rainbows just like the beautiful rainbow at the end of the story.  Our awesome student aides even got into the creative fun!

Ditching Dewey

Much progress has been made in our effort to ditch dewey and genre-fy the library collection.  We have four free standing "kiosk" shelving units in the middle of the library in between the computers and the MakerSpace.  I have put the following in these four kiosks: Arts & Crafts (mostly 700s plus matching biographies), Sports (fiction, non fiction & biographies), Biographies (all others), and one kiosk w/a mix of career, picture books, graphic novels, and vintage fiction.  

We are also making progress with the rest of our genre sections and can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel.  In just the short three weeks we have been in school we have already noticed an increase in book circulation as our genre sections form.  Students have also told us how much they like the new set up and how much easier it is for them to find the books they like to read!


The JCHS Library MakerSpace went through some growing pains this week as students continue getting use to the one hour Refuel Hour and what type of behavior is acceptable. 

One student finally completed a charm bracelet she made from items in the MakerSpace Arts & Crafts section! It turned out so good!

The students building the K'nex Roller Coaster completed it this week and it works GREAT!

Students were also introduced to the art of book folding this week.  Ms. Johnson, the JCHS Library Aide, has found some pretty amazing patterns and discarded books for the students to use.

Students also continued discovering the fun of Makey Makey, Dash & Dot, the Green Screen Room, Coding, Google Cardboard and more!

Coming to the JCHS Library MakerSpace soon:

Library Promotions 

As we have genre-fied the library collection we have become aware of areas in which we need more books.  These include manga, anime, picture books, and classics.  Also, our MakerSpace still needs some board games, card games, and 1000+ puzzles.  We now also need items for our Photo Booth: hats, feather boas, funny glasses, etc. 

To encourage students to donate these items we have started a Library Bucks program.  

Students can donate needed items specified to earn library fine forgiveness and/or use the credit toward printing fees.

Coming Soon

Next week the JCHS Library launches an "inspirational quote" contest.  We have a great deal of blank wall space in the library and would like to use our new Cricut to make wall quotes.  The inspirational quote contest will determine which quote will go right above the library doors for all to see as they leave the library to go about the rest of their day.

Tech Tips of the Week

This is our weekly tech tips S'more Newsletter:

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