Sunday, August 16, 2015

This Week In The Library@JCHS: August 10-14, 2015

Co Teaching

This week the library calendar was overflowing with co teaching sessions to get students up and using Google Classroom.  Students liked being able to access their school work from any Internet connected device, they liked the ease of sharing a Google Document, and they liked the comments and chat features in Google.  Students were a bit freaked out by the Revision History feature....WHAT?!...Accountability?!  Poor kids!  

This week it was also a pleasure to work with Mr. Ennis' students helping them build ePorfolios using Weebly.   

Story Time

Yes! You CAN have story time in a high school library.  The library should be all inclusive, including making time each week for self contained special needs students.  This eek our DD classes came to the library for story time.  We read the book, Baghead by Jarrett J. Krosoczka and followed up the story by making paper bag puppets! 

Not Your Average Book Club

Students were able to preview over 50 clubs offered at JCHS this week and sign up for the ones they wanted to be a part of during our new Refuel Hour.  Because clubs are now offered during this time instead of before or after school students who typically couldn't be a part of clubs now have that opportunity.

The Not Your Average Book Club attracted quite a bit of attention this year as students learned that the club would focus on the social aspect of reading by connecting with other high school students from around the country with the Somewhat Virtual Book Club National Group and with authors via Twitter and the #2JennsBookClub.

Learn more about this club and sign up to become a member HERE.

Ditching Dewey

Efforts to Ditch Dewey and Genre-fy the JCHS Library collection is progressing nicely.  We already have genre areas sorted and ready for students to devour! Ditching Dewey will be a long, messy process so please pardon our progress.  

Want to know more about Ditching Dewey?  Here is a great SlideShare by some of the best librarians in the country who have Genre-fied their school libraries:


Students continued to discover the cool opportunities to explore, tinker and create in the JCHS Library MakerSpace.  This week our new additions included Google Cardboard, robots Dash & Dot, a Parrot Spider Minidrone, and Incredibox via laptop, screen and LCD projector.  

The looks on students faces as our drone flew through the library was priceless!

Sock puppets were the rage this week in the MakerSpace Arts & Crafts area.  It's fun to see what creative ideas the students bring in each week.

The Library Graffiti windows continue to collect creative art by students. Next week we upgrade from plain Expo Markers to real window markers! 

We even had a special visit to the JCHS Library MakerSpace this week; Madison City Schools Assistant Superintendent, Mr. Robby Parker.

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