Saturday, August 8, 2015

This Week In The Library@JCHS: August 6-8, 2015

This week in The Library@JCHS was one filled with CHANGE!  Quiet is no longer a word associated with the JCHS Library! Now words like social, curious, creative, active, involved, energetic and happy are associated with the JCHS Library.

Here is a run down of the changes made to the JCHS Library this week:


The JCHS Library is eagerly awaiting the arrival of items for our new MakerSpace.  The hits of the JCHS Library MakerSpace this week was the arts & crafts area, LEGOs and Google Cardboard.  

A few things students have to look forward to arriving in our MakerSpace in the next few weeks include Cubelets, LEGOs Mindstorm EV3, Dash & Dot, Parrot Spider Drone, Makey Makey, MineCraft Pocket, iPads, and a Green Screen Room.  I am also looking forward to the Library Graffiti area and student created Pandora station.  

We need you help to build our Arts & Crafts area, Gaming area, and the Equipment Autopsy area.  Arts and crafts supplies, board/card games, and old electronics (TVs, VCRs, radios, computers, laptops, etc.) are all needed.


The JCHS Library might start looking like dinosaurs ran through the library knocking books off the shelves and scattering them about.  Don't be alarmed.  We started pulling books off the shelves this week so that we could group books by genre.  

Benefits of a genrefied library collection:

1. It’s student-centered. School librarians (especially solo ones) spend an enormous amount of time helping students locate the book they want. The easier it is for kids and teens to locate materials, the more content-rich conversations can be happening about the actual books!
2. It makes browsing easier. Like materials are grouped together. Students and patrons looking for their favorite kinds of books can find them faster and often without having to rely on the catalog.
 3. It allows for closer arrangement of related fiction and nonfiction sections. Some genrefied libraries group fiction and nonfiction subject in the same section or side by side. Students who love sports fiction will also find sports biographies nearby. It’s a great CCSS tie in; students read more nonfiction because it is more visible.Students read more broadly.
4. It can be adapted to meet the changing needs of students. As curriculum changes or trends in student reading habits shift, the collection can evolve and grow with them.
5. Students discover new authors and read more broadly within their favorite genres. For a child who loved reading J.K. Rowling, she may branch out to enjoy C.S. Lewis, Tolkein, Norton Juster, or Ursula K. LeGuin by browsing deeply within that genre.
6. It allows librarians to examine, evaluate, and really get to know the collection. By separating into genre-based sections, librarians can see clearly which areas need weeding and which ones need an influx of new titles. 


Teachers and students embraced Google Classroom this week with a little help from the JCHS Library.  Teachers have reserved me (the friendly JCHS librarian), a laptop cart, and the Harvard Room to get their students set up and familiar with using Google Classroom.  


My "office" in the JCHS Library is located in the back of the library through a hallway behind a door and glass.  My real office is smack int he middle of the library entrance so that I can be accessible and aware of everything that is happening in the library.  Drop by to visit me sometime and #GetUrSelfieOn!  


A selfie stick is part of the JCJS Library MakerSpace.  The rule for using the selfie stick is that you must post the pictures you take and tag them with #proudtobeajet and #geturselfieon.  Stop by and #geturselfieon!


Keep an eye on the JCHS Library's social media accounts! There's lots more fun to come!

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