Monday, September 14, 2015

Not Your Average Book Club (NYABC)

(Not Your Average Book Club)

I have been waiting for this week to come ever since the school year began because it is the first week that our new Not Your Average Book Club (NYABC) got to finally meet!  

To get members signed up I released a video detailing what type of book club we would have this year and asked students if they were cut out to be a member of the NYACB!

At James Clemens High School clubs are held during the day during Refuel Hour, not before or after school.  Due to this change, most clubs only get to meet for 30 minutes once a month.  Fortunately the Not Your Average Book Club is mostly virtual so time and date restrictions don't bother us; although was nice to all be together in the same place and the same time!

Unlike other book clubs you might be familiar with, the NYABC does not focus on all members reading and discussing the same book.  The NYABC focus is to connect club members with other school book clubs across the country. The two clubs we are currently connecting with are the #2JennsBookClub and the SWVBC or Somewhat Virtual Book Club.  

The #2JennsBookClub meets via Twitter.  During their twitter sessions participants discuss the book chosen for that date. Additionally, the #2JennsBookClub has the authors of the book participating LIVE during the twitter chat! As if that wasn't awesome enough, the #2JennsBookClub also gives away great prizes during each session!  

NYABC members get to choose whether to participate in the #2JennsBookClub or not. The choice is theirs to make. 

To learn more about the #2JennsBookClub click HERE.

The SWVBC or Somewhat Virtual Book Club meets using Google Hangouts. This way students from around the nation can see and talk with each other about the books they have read.  

The SWVBC meets once a month at 5 pm CT. Since this is after school students from the NYABC who would like to participate do so from home.  

The first SWVBC was September 2nd.  We decided to let students share some of their favorite books from the summer.  I was so proud of my NYABC member, Hailey, of making it onto the Google Hangout as there were some crazy technical glitches.

The next SWVBC meeting will be Wednesday, October 7 at 5PM Central Time to discuss I'll Give You the Sun. Mira Costa will be moderating.

The SWVBC November book is The Impossible Knife of Memory.

Again, NYABC members can decide if this is something they would like to participate in or not.

In addition to joining in the conversation with #2JennsBookClub and/or the SWVBC, NYABC members will get to help create a budget for purchasing new books for the JCHS Library, create book talkers, and more!

During our next meeting on October 16th we will have a NYABC "social" with punch, finger foods, and snacks.  While club members are eating and socializing they will also be given the opportunity to create book talkers or work on the book budget.  

As you can see, the NYABC is student centered and student driven.  Members get out of the club what they put into it and I love that it feels relaxed and happy and doesn't add to the stress of a full school load. 

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