Sunday, September 27, 2015

This Week In The Library @JCHS: September 21-25, 2015


Wendy Cope, Librarian at Woodstock Middle School and Media Specialist of the Year for Cherokee County, GA, came to visit the JCHS Library during her Fall Break.  We were delighted to have Wendy come see how we have shaken things up this year from genrefying the collection to setting up our MakerSpace.  

I had the pleasure of meeting Wendy Cope at the Georgia School Librarians Association Summer Conference this past summer.  I attended her MakerSpace session and learned so much.  What I liked most about Wendy when I first met her was her enthusiastic personality.  She is a dynamic individual filled with wonderful ideas that she is willing to share! 

Wendy jumped right into the day helping and talking with students, faculty members and administrators.  I was excited for Wendy to see how James Clemens High School runs "lunch" as we ditched the traditional lunch waves for a Refuel Hour.  Our students love this change and it allows for students to choose the direction that hour will take.  I am pleased to say that many students use this time to tinker, explore, discover and create in the new JCHS Library MakerSpace.  

Together, Wendy and I were able to collaborate, think out and put up the beginnings of a Banned Books Week display.  During this time we discussed how important it is for librarians to get out of their little isolated spots in the library and visit other libraries, public and school, as often as possible to keep your mind fresh and sharp looking for new ideas to incorporate for your patrons.

After Wendy left for Georgia I looked at the JCHS Library through new eyes and made some changes to the arrangement of the MakerSpace.  I certainly wish Wendy had stayed for another day or two because the changes I made caused traffic to the JCHS Library MakerSpace increase dramatically!

I hope to visit Wendy Cope soon at her school during my Fall Break in October!  Watch out Wendy! Here I come!

Class Visit

Ms. Humphrey's students came to the library this week for story time. We read, The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.  After reading this story we talked about food chains and played a food chain game from BrainPop.

After story time was over we made our way from the Harvard Room into the JCHS Library to check out books and spend time in the MakerSpace.  

Professional Development

Dr. Jim Knight, Instructional Coach and author, brought his years of study and wisdom to Madison City Schools leading two 3 hour workshops on building better communication skills.  

This was definitely one professional development session that I felt was well worth my time.  It has provided me with realistic strategies I can use to become a better communicator.  I also loved how Dr. Knight had us divide into groups using a "clock".  I plan on stealing and using this idea next time I present! 

Library Collection

In the realm of "behind the scenes librarian stuff" is working on a book order.  This week I was finally able to take a moment to get our first book order created.  When preparing the book order many factors were considered.  Genrefying the collection this year let me know what areas we need to build.  I also reviewed our automated system to see what long term missing books needed to be replaced.  The most important part of creating a book order is listening to your patrons and what they want to read.  To get student and faculty input regarding books they would like to see added to the library collection, a Google Form was created and widely advertised.  

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