Friday, January 15, 2016

Letting Students SHINE!

The thing that brings me the most happiness in my job are the kids.  Everyday I discover new things about students as they come in and out of the library and am consistently amazed by their talents and creativity.  

The JCHS Library MakerSpace is where I get to witness the blossoming of student brains and individual personalities without the constraints of curricular expectations, deadlines or grades.  It is a place where every kids SHINES in their own way.  

Recently I discovered that one student has been coming in the JCHS Library MakerSpace to compose music on the site, AudioTool.  Below is one of his most recent creations:

Today, another student showed me a poem he wrote that he said was triggered by all the cool things we have this year in the JCHS Library MakerSpace.  Read his original piece below:

The World Would be a Better Place if
We had Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR) Technology

A means of reaching out and feeling
a world beyond our reality.
if you could create virtual matter.

Touch it.
Feel it.
It’s not really there.
A disk,
smart device,
headset and
make your imagination
appear out of thin air.

Your kids could play ball indoors and
nothing gets broken.
Adults shoot guns in the living room
without a single hole in the wall.

You can
bend it
stretch it
squeeze it
hit it but
it doesn’t exist at all.

It’s your imagination
come to life.
Pick it up
and hold it.
holding and manipulating
a design before it has been built.
Applying microgravity is easy with this ability.  

After a quick conversation
Queen Elizabeth II could give you a kiss.
More revolutionary
than pen and paper,  
because you manufacture virtual paper
totally green.
Fight a war,
no one dies.
Any firearm can be shot,
any vehicle driven.
Insert yourself in your video games
until someone boxes your ears.
Play a card game with a friend across town.
As far as you can tell
your opponent is right in front of you.

Bestow a boy
With a bottomless bucket of Legos.
Place a pick-up order at a store
as if you were standing at the counter.  
This is an awesome tool.
Say otherwise and you are a fool.

With AVR nothing is impossible.
With AVR everything is possible.
And it’s likely to be here
in just a few years.

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