Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Secret in the Library....Shhh...It's a 3D Printer!

Word of the 3D Printer in the JCHS Library MakerSpace is still getting out, but for those who have discovered it, cool creations have come to life!

We have printed Darth Vader rings, Deathly Hallows necklaces and earrings, cork pals, bookmarks and cell phone cases & more.  

Students who are "in the know" printed gifts for family members for just 20¢ per gram!  One student created a Barbie purse with his sister's initial on the front using the 3D printer.  I wasn't sure how to change the initial on the purse from the one that was on the sample so I reached out to the amazing Dr. Anna Wan (Columbus State University, GA) for assistance.  Via Google Hangout, Dr. Wan walked me through how to use TinkerCad to modify existing 3D models or build my own from scratch! Ms. Johnson and our 1st Block student aides added some bling to the purse using items from the MakerSpace Arts & Crafts area. 

Dr. Anna Wan & me!

Barbie purse with BLING!

Teachers have even gotten in on the fun of the JCHS Library 3D Printer.  Ms. McRae's BioMed students have been working on an extensive project researching protein and studying their effect on various diseases & disabilities.  To bring their project and data to life, students learned how to use Canva to create infographics for data representation and used the 3D printer to print models of the proteins they were researching.  A final level of technology is yet to be added but will use the Aurasma app to add the element of augmented reality to student's final projects.

Ms. McRae with a protein model


There have been a few glitches in the learning process but using sites like Thingiverse, TinkerCad and Morphi as well as picking the brains of my PLN friends who have forged ahead with 3D Printing the learning curve has been relatively painless.

Of course there was the tragic Cork-a-saurus incident.... but let's not discuss that here...

Here is how we operate and charge for 3D Printing:

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