Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Breakout EDU & the JCHS Library!

Thanks to Olivia Karr's courage and willingness to try something different in learning, we broke open the JCHS Breakout EDU Kit today and it was so much FUN!

A few weeks ago after reading the Tech Tips of the Week S'more that talked about capturing the excitement of the new Huntsville Escape Room our students were flocking to, Ms. Karr consulted with the JCHS Library about trying the Unlocking Shakespeare Breakout EDU game.  

We plotted and planned for two weeks, printing out and laminating clues, preparing the boxes and locks and found some medieval music for ambiance.  

The big day came today and Ms. Karr brought seven students to the Harvard Room where their Unlocking Shakespeare challenge began.  We read through the "setting the story" introduction, got the Google Form that went with the game pulled up on laptops for the students and set the game timer.  Ms. Kristi Combs, JCHS Instructional Partner and former AP English Teacher, joined in the adventure as well.

It was fun watching the students naturally merge into the various roles needed to solve the clues.  Ms. Karr, Ms. Combs, & I gave a few hints to help keep the momentum going, but really, we didn't need to provide much encouragement as the thrill of the challenge took over and the kids were off!

Even with one student being checked out before the game was over (she did not want to leave) the team still finished the 45 minute challenge with 6 minutes and 45 seconds to go!  The next "team" from Ms. Karr's class will come to the Harvard Room on Thursday to compete against the time set by today's students.

The great thing about Breakout EDU is that EVERYTHING is laid out in a very easy to follow and understand form, including a Flow Chart...so...NO WORRIES!

If you are still looking for reasons to try Breakout EDU take a look at Sylvia Duckworth's 10 Great Reasons To Play Breakout EDU

Here are a few pictures and videos from our first Breakout EDU!

Breakou EDU 4/26/16 Karr

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