Saturday, May 7, 2016

BreakoutEDU Faculty Edition!

Professional Development offered at my school (James Clemens High School) is something that, believe it or not, I actually look forward to.  Our in house PD is lead by our Instructional Partner, Ms. Kristi Combs.  Because our school is the "Jets" our professional development sessions have related names.  The two main PDs offered are Flight School and Pilot's Lounge.  Flight School happens during each planning block usually once a month.  Flight school has really opened my eyes about all the new brain research that is out there and the connection to how we learn.  Pilot's Lounge highlights teacher leaders and is offered during Refuel Hour on a monthly basis.  Unfortunately Refuel Hour is the busiest time in the JCHS Library MakerSpace so I have missed out on some amazing learning opportunities; but not this past week!

This past week Ms. Alicia Mendez, JCHS English Teacher, was the teacher leader for the Pilot's Lounge PD in May.  Ms. Mendez wanted to do a BreakoutEDU with our staff to help introduce this cool learning tool to those who might not know about it or who have wondered about using it but had questions.  Ms. Mendez teamed with me and Kristi Combs and together we formulated a plan.  The BreakoutEDU we choose was Time Warp.  We got all the locks set, resources printed out and/or created, and game parts hidden around the room per game directions.  The day before the Pilot's Lounge the three of us "played" the game.  It was a good thing we did this because it helped us to be more prepared to nudge and hint if needed when the real game was played.  It also double checked us making sure we had all of our ducks in a row before the big day!

The big day came and we decided it would be fun to have the Glee version of Time Warp playing on a loop (thanks to the Magic Action Chrome extension)  to greet Pilot's Lounge participants.  We started the BreakoutEDU with a few directions and the Time Warp backstory and then set the group loose to "breakout"!

It was fun watching our awesome JCHS teachers as they worked together to solve the clues and break the locks! Our staff is super smart so it was no surprise when they "broke out" in under 20 minutes (we forgot to set the timer..LOL!) 

Watch the fun below in our Flickr SlideShow!

BreakoutEDU: Pilot's Lounge 5/6/16

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