Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Putt Putt, Engineering, and Connecting Schools

Mr. Dave Frederick, James Clemens High School Science & Engineering teacher, connected his engineering students with Laura Rotondo's students at Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School in 
Sudbury, Massachusetts for a collaborative project; creating Putt Putt Golf courses using the engineering software, Inventor.

Design teams were formed to include students from both schools.  Students used email, Google Drive, and other methods to communicate with their team members to create a final presentation regarding their final Putt Putt Golf design.  

The project finale took place Monday, May 9th and Tuesday, May 10th as teams presented their projects via Google Hangouts on Air (GHOA).

As with any project such as this there were technology snafus but in the end all teams did a great job.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway mentioned by each team was the importance of communication and time management, job essential skills.

Below are the the two GHOA recording; just be forewarned that you will see "warts" and all.
Additionally, there is a slideshow of pictures taken during the presentation phase of this project.


Frederick-Engineering Collaboration W/Massachusetts



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