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This Week in the JCHS Library: August 15-19, 2016

9th Grade Orientation...continues!

One of my favorite things about the beginning of the school year is getting to meet, interact, and get to know our incoming 9th graders.  

Years ago I created a scavenger hunt activity so that students could learn about the library through active engagement with the parts of the library they would most likely use throughout the school year.

This year I updated the scavenger hunt by creating it on Google Classroom.  The reason for doing this this two fold.  First, our school district just went GAFE (Google Apps for Education) last year and is pushing even more for our teachers to use Google Classroom this year.  Thus, I like to do lessons like our 9th grade orientation as a way to model use of Google Classroom for those teachers that might not yet be familiar with all that Google Classroom can do.  Second, I like to know that students know how to sign into their GAFE accounts, how to access their Google Classes, and how to open, respond and submit assignments within the Google Classroom environment.

In addition to learning how to use Google Classroom students also learn how to use our electronic book search (Atriuum), how to print from the library, discover our genrified library collection through the building of Book Spine Poems, explore & discover our MakerSpace, and so much more!

Embedded PD

Assisting teachers in learning and embracing the new technology our school district is now using is so much FUN!  Yes, PD can and should be fun.  What makes it so fun for me is that I get time to know the teachers, learn about their curricular needs, and find the best technology tools to support the curriculum as well as students. 

This week I worked with teachers on the best ways to get students blogging, showed the awesomeness of Power My Learning to Special Education, and helped empower teachers to begin using Google Classroom.

Reading Promotions: 

Our Personal Shopper program  has really caught on after Ms. Friedlein's classes participated.  Every day we have new Personal Shopper orders coming in.  Ms. Johnson and I love the challenge of finding just the right books for students to enjoy.

Story Time:

Each week the Special Education Self Contained classes come to the library for story time and for time to explore, discover, create, and tinker in the JCHS Library MakerSpace.  Thanks to Mandy at the Huntsville-Madison Public Library we found a great book about manners to read, Do Unto Otters. After reading the story we made special Thank You notes for people we hadn't taken the time out to stop and thank for all they do.  One student made a thank you note for me for reading books to them each week! YAY!

JCHS Library MakerSpace:

This week we continued to make adjustments to the JCHS Library MakerSpace.  This year we have certain days dedicated to certain activities.  This allows time for deeper exploration of that particular area.

I was really excited to unveil the Google CS First passport program on Computer Science Day this week!  We are signed up for Storytelling, Music & Sound, and Fashion Design passport programs.  
Fashion Design was the big hit this week!

Interactive Library Displays:

Prompted by a Facebook post from Shannon Humphrey our first interactive display in the JCHS Library is: What Is Your HOPE?

Weekly Tech Tips Newsletter:

Each week the JCHS Library sends out timely tech news via the JCHS Library Tech Tips of the Week Newsletter made using S'more.

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