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This Week in the JCHS Library: August 8-12, 2016

Library Orientation Scavenger Hunt WINNERS!

9th Grade Library Orientation:

This week our new Jets (9th graders) had the opportunity to get familiar with the JCHS Library and all that it has to offer.  Using Google Classroom, students explored various aspects of the JCHS Library.  One activity had students create original memes about our library "rules" (I hate rules so there aren't many).  Another activity had students explore the various genre sections in the JCHS Library and build Book Spine Poems. Another activity had students explore the MakerSpace.  In all, students came away from the experience knowing how to use Google Classroom to access assignment and turn assignments in and learned about all the cool stuff the JCHS Library has to offer.

Googling with Spanish 1 & 3:

I made a return visit to Ms. Crouch's Spanish 1 & 3 classes this week to check on their progress with building their Digital Portfolios.  This week we added a blog component to their Digital Portfolios and began writing our first blog post.  Additionally, we explored various aspects of Google Drive and Google Mail so that students would feel comfortable working within the MCS GAFE environment.

Googling with Health Science:

Ms. Collins & Ms. Jemison's classes came the the JCHS Library's Harvard Room this week to get a "tour" of our MCS GAFE tools.  We started with accessing Google classroom, moved on the learning about the Google app menu (I call it a waffle),  explored Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.  We played around with Voice Typing and explored research helpers including the Research tool, EasyBib add on, and the MLA Report template. We also explore Google Mail and learned how to set up a signature for our gmail account.

Story Time with Ms. Humphrey, Ms. Jefferson, and Mr. Watters' Classes:

Last week when Ms. Humphrey, Ms. Jefferson, and Mr. Watters' classes came to visit each student wrote about their favorite thing and then drew a picture of that thing.  I took their work and created an ebook using FlipSnackEDU.

This week we focused on similes!  We started by watching a video about similes and metaphors.

Then we read, My Best Friend is as Sharp as a Pencil And Other Funny Classroom Portraits
by Hanoch Piven.  We followed this up by making simile self portraits!

Personal Shopping with Ms. Friedlein's Class:

Personal Shopping is one of my most favorite things to do in the JCHS Library.  Ms. Friedlein had her students fill out our Personal Shopper Google Form.  This enabled Ms. Kimberly Johnson and I to know a little bit about each student; their likes, dislikes, hobbies, and other interests.  Using this information we "matched" each student with five books.  We wrapped the books with ribbon and attached a personalized name tag.

When Ms. Friedlein brought her students into the library we presented each student with their personalized packet of books.  They were asked to look through the books to see if there were any books that peaked their interest.  If we made a "match" students checked those books out and left the others behind for someone else to explore.  If we failed to make a match we worked one on one with the student to find that perfect match.  By the end of our time together every student had at least one book that was perfect for them!

The BONUS from doing this activity with Ms. Friedlein's students is that other students noticed and we know have an ever growing list of students wanting Personal Shopping as well!

MakerSpace Cha Cha Changes Continue:

The JCHS Library premiered its MakerSpace last school year.  This year, based on observations from last year, big changes were put in place (full detail blog post coming soon). This week in the MakerSpace included:
  • Monday: Arts & Crafts
  • Tuesday: Learn How to Build Your Own SnapChat GeoFilter
  • Wednesday: Build & Tinker
  • Thursday: Game Day (BINGO)
  • Friday: Explore, Discover, SIGN UP
The JCHS Library MakerSpace Graffiti window is also starting to look happy and colorful again!

JCHS Library Tech Tips of the Week:

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