The Incredibly True Adventures of a School Librarian

The Incredibly True Adventures of a School Librarian

Monday, September 5, 2016

Making the Move: Google Hangouts On Air Is Now YouTube Live

The change from Google Hangouts On Air to YouTube Live (officially starts September 12, 2016) didn't concern me until I tried to actually set up a live event and became confounded and bogged down by the whole "encoding" nightmare.

Forget about encoding unless you are an advanced videographer.

The issue that threw me off was how to set up a YouTube Live Event for a future date without the use of encoding (custom vs. quick).  Perplexed and frustrated after hours of researching, playing around with YouTube Live, and reaching out to my PLN for assistance, I finally figured out a solution! YAY!

Below is the Google Slide presentation with step by step picture directions.  If you have any questions or see a step I have missed please contact me.


  1. Hey Nikki, have you learned anything about how YouTube Live and Chromebooks will work together? In everything I saw about YouTube Live, it required an encoder but all the encoders I saw were installable items on Win, Mac and Linux OSes.

    1. I will try my directions on a Chromebook when I get to school in the morning and get back to you. In the directions provided there is no need for an encoder at all.